The Land of the Slow pt. 2

As I floated through Civic Center Park I began to get the feeling that the salvia/marijuana mixture I concocted and smoked may have been a bit strong. Hallucinations began to pepper this already bizarre landscape with more craziness than I had anticipated. The gentleman dressed up like Superman bouncing around on stilts was easy enough to distinguish as reality but these small black birds with hats that kept following me seemed a little unorthodox, even for the 420 rally. I kept my wits about me and made no move to point out these cursed birds to anyone else, no need to start a panic and if they were real, someone was bound to start pointing at them and say something. I continued my journey through the park and over to the 16th street area, a free walking area for pedestrians. I was hearing Thelonious Monk whisper in my ear; ‘a love supreme….a love supreme’…..everything was distorted, but very peaceful. All the citizens out here were in harmony and cool with one another. There was no brash fights brought on by bouts of inebriation, no fist in the face of the Denver PD, all was good.

In one instant I began to have thought bubbles popping inside my immediate frame of mind, echoes of recent political events rang between Monk’s mantra of ‘a love supreme’…Trevon Martin and George Zimmerman, the secret service prostitution scandal, the General Services Administration lavish abuse and over expenditure at their recent Las Vegas conference, the war on women, war in Afghanistan, growing tensions with Iran. My god, what is our country to do? I looked around and focused (as well as I could) on the serenity and cooperation with which everyone was abiding by at this huge smoke-a-thon. When problems rose up in the crowds of people here, everyone tried together, regardless of their affiliation in society, and worked to improve any ugliness that could have erupted. So why, I wondered, can’t we apply this same strategy toward the current administration’s problems, rather than allowing them to sweep them under the table in the name of Party solidarity? Just because you voted for a Democrat team doesn’t allow them to get away with shoddy management of this country-and what about the Republicans that did not vote for the current politicians in office? Summing up the moral integrity of an individual based on who they voted for will not encourage anyone you oppose to stop and listen to you. We need to sit with one another and hash out the problems here and keep in mind that the actions (or lack thereof ) of certain individuals in office do not necessarily reflect who we are. If I hire some guy to come work on your car and he fucks it up, don’t say I’m the problem-on the same hand, if I hire that guy and he fucks up, I should be responsible enough to go to him and tell him he fucked up and needs to fix it. This is the same with our politicians. If I voted Barack Obama in office and the GSA blows an assload of money on some ostentatious conference, let’s let it be known that this is unacceptable and the President needs to fire some asses, hold the guilty people’s feet to the fire rather than use it as fuel to separate us as citizens. We need to govern together, President, Senator and Representative alike, not allow our two party system to continually plot us  against one another with their dysfunctional behavior. Like this crowd, we need to work as a team to make this place better because our politicians from both parties seem more focused on keeping their job than fixing our country. Let’s smoke a joint (metaphorically if need be) and work with one another for the betterment of the United States, before we turn them into the Divided States of America.


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