Filet O Fish With a Side of Ron Paul

My small hiatus from blog posting came on the foot of trying to get some artwork accomplished, as well as puming out some political writing for a new local rag in Denver. Turns out the publication is more interested in photos of girls in underwear, Playboy circa 1957, so I got the hint and decided to move on from that disaster. I called up my personal goon, Eduardo, and told him to go locate their office and torch the place…pendejos.

We’ve all managed to sit through a lackluster ending to the Republican fight over who becomes Supreme Candidate to face the Great Hope and Change this fall. A somewhat solemn announcement hit the media from Rick Santorum on April 10th as he announced he would be bowing out of the race for the presidency. Early reports from Rick stated this to be due to one of his children’s health. More likely it was because he saw he was getting his balls handed to him on a plate by Mitt Romney and he couldn’t bear losing face in his home state. I give the man credit for making it as far as he did but quitters die quick and now it’s on to the fury of the Filet O Fish, Willard Mitt Romney.

Obama supporters continue to sit back and puff on the easy cigar thinking this one is in the bag, but heed the rumblings out there folks. Antagonists of our President are not going to take it lying down. Even Mitt is slowly developing a game plan, feeling out the political waters to see where he can latch on to enough low grade, under the scope support to defeat Obama. He’s stumbling out there as it is a difficult task for someone of that financial magnitude to empathize or relate to the common person, but he’s trying in his own special way and that might work out for a few votes here and there. He works toward gathering more minority support, Black and Latino organizations, testing his support strength with Tea Party voters-there’s even talk he might show up on Saturday Night Live. A stunt like that could definitely help him. I still recall the night Bill Clinton came out on the Arsenio Hall show blowing a sax wearing shades, popularity points shot up after that program aired.

A personal suggestion I would hand the Republican candidate to give Barack Obama a run for his money (and possibly even take the prize away) is to announce current lagging in poles runner, Ron Paul, as his vice presidential running mate. A lot of people want to have him play the female running mate game but if you stop and think back hard on the few women who have run for the position you’ll remember the lack of interest from most voters. The largest appeal was given to Sarah Palin but that flash in the pan died out and once people started really listening to what came out of her pie hole, John McCain was doomed. No, Paul would be the perfect choice. He has a large support net in this country, not large enough to take him to the Oval Office as the Head Cheese, but if he were there to guide Mitt Romney it could work for them. If those two candidates would stop  fighting one another and band together they could sneak in enough votes to win. Obama is overconfident. He’s getting off his game and that could expose his delicate underbelly. It won’t be enough to fight off the anti-health care crowd or the birthers. Foreign and domestic affairs continue to pile at his doorstep and this country can easily forget any accomplishments the man achieves. The euphoria of Bin Laden’s death has worn away and the economy is still unstable. Anti-Obama voters will work hard to persuade the undecided voter to pair with them, whereas most Obama supporters feel smug,  relaxed that they will win again this fall.

Mitt Romney and Ron Paul, yes, that’s a ticket I would love to see face Barack and Joe this November. The entertainment factor alone would be worth it. Romeny will continue to press buttons hoping to rattle the Democrat incumbent but he’s too gentleman-like to really land a solid punch. Ron Paul has enough old gristle in him to lay down a poignant fight, unlike the rhetoric and parlor prattle out there now. Give that old fucking Texan a chance, he’ll shake it up-don’t fall back on the predictable, go south paw on them. Whoever ends up winning this fall I don’t want to sit through another 6-7 months of a cobweb growing stale race that leaves the public suffering the pangs of mediocrity.  For god’s sake, somebody throw a shoe. Then if, by chance, Mitt Romney were to win, I think we’d all agree that he needs a reality buffer to give him guidance among the world of caffeine drinkers-why not Ron Paul?


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