Attack! of the Zombies part 2


The scum suckers caught me in a weak emotional moment and just about had at me with their makeshift weapons. A saddened moment fell over me while listening in on the congregation of part time Occupy protesters-don’t let the term ‘part time’ mislead you. I suppose these people do a fair amount of work toward their cause and anyone interested in reading more about their committees, concerns, upcoming events, cake walks or whatever else they have planned can look them up online. I’m sure your home town or a place nearby has structured a website (such as OccupyDenver.com) to get the public interested in this national cause. I wandered away from the kid who refused to let me take a  picture of his tshirt (see Attacd! of the Zombies part 1) and went up to the circle of Occupy Denver committee members-an assembly of around twenty people with frequent visitors stumbling in during their session. The first words I heard as I drew closer was one of the older leaders speaking to a disgruntled atendee.

“I know we’ve lost a lot of people, but what we have to think is, they just helped us to get to where we are now.”

Insanity. That kind of helpless milk toast enthusiasm died out with the peace freaks in an old Billy Jack film. By god these fuckers need brute force assaults at the cops, scare the fuck out of mom and pop motivation, if they really want the public to take notice. People here are beginning to walk by them as easily as they do a pan handler, paying no attention to their scrawled protest slogans or babbling street corner screed. The saddest, most apathetic moment hit me during the middle of the assembly minutes that they were reading to one another. They were discussing their concerns over security in the park for the 24/7 road zombies who continue to be plagued by vandals and street thugs. Denver PD can only do so much and they were discussing what to do about this issue. Right in the middle of this conversation into the middle of their sacred circle steps Michael, a Vietnam vet/alcoholic street person. I know Michael and he’s a pretty nice guy. He’ll admit to you he has a drinking problem and tends to talk to the sky now and then but he has a good heart and God bless him for serving our country but now days, Michael is but one among a bevy of homeless down at Colfax and Chambers. Michale calls out to them in that Marine voice of his and states “you don’t have to worry about security, me and the Denver Police will take care of that.”  Gung fucking ho Michael, bravo for you. He’s the only one that can sound off like he’s got a pair in this group yet they look at him as if he is the 800 pound gorilla in the room. The assembled leader looks at Michael and asks if he would please step outside the circle because they’re having a discussion.

“I don’t give a shit about your fucking circle” he roars. “This is what I’m fighting for” and he points at a monument which I still have no idea what the monument signifies-but Michael will defend it. He turns around and starts addressing the crowd about how they aren’t doing anything right and right in the middle of this glorious speech, he wanders into that alcoholic fog and starts mumbling to himself. He turns around and I notice a shit stain dried up the crack of his pants that has probably been there for some time. I could almost cry.

I gave a dollar donation to the group to go toward helping some arrested protester get out of jail and had to walk away, it was getting too personal. Damn the luck of people like Michael, this salt of the earth guy reduced to a street bum, riddled with problems he carried back with him from the war, shit in his trousers, no hope…….too much. It was at that moment as I walked away from the political circle jerk that a swarm of the beastly street fuckers led by the kid who wouldn’t let me photograph his shirt came running at me with wood planks, skateboards and other hand held objects screaming “get the hell out of here mother fucker!” I obliged and ran for home base-the bus stop. Denver PD will tolerate a lot of shit from these people but they will not tolerate people being attacked at the bus stop so if you can make it there, you’re good.

I intend to let that hornet’s nest settle for a few days before attempting to go back there-even then I wonder; should I involve myself by giving them a piece of my mind? Should I tell them they are all doomed unless they intend to adopt a more aggressive campaign? It will be closing in on a year since I started covering the protest movement in downtown Denver, Colorado, and still no definitive progress to speak of exists. There is very little solid organization, protests that resemble a school outing and any support they do manage is pissed away from ambiguous leadership. Seven months away and counting, a presidential election is coming and still the Occupy forces throughout the U.S. have obtained nothing but a bunch of hungry, diseased people. Show me the fire folks, show me some action.


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