The Dichotomy of Politics pt. 3; Send in the Clowns


I knew I would feel a lot more relaxed after cruising down to the Occupy protesters domain-a true haven for drug rampaging moments like the one I was experiencing. My mood was a bit toned after leaving the nest of Republicans at Hamburger Marys. The would continue to shake hands and mumble ideals over high priced ale while I strode down their streets with glass pipe in hand leaving a plume of smoke. This Young Republican gathering caught me off guard. I was expecting some rabid congregation of rich right wingers mulling over thoughts of ‘killin’ all the commie fags in this country’, which may have been what the group would fall into had it not been for the tempered leadership of Ryan Call, Man of the Hour. Call was a true political marketing machine. He knew how to steer through the shit and lead his posse to the pols-knock off all that nonsense talk about ‘what’s wrong with this country’ and focus on winning the elections on a state and local level. He knew the key to getting things done was to start from the bottom and work your way up. The key to the White House was paved by the bricks of the House and Senate

My thoughts were still reeling over this brilliant performance from Call as I strode onto the scene of the opposition. A circle of thirty or so individuals held conference on the west side of the State Capital where one of the three leaders (at least the ones that spoke more than anybody else) was trying to get a voting consensus to agree to vote on how the Occupy protesters should handle the police; should they be friendly with the police or should they be belligerent? Dear God they were trying to take a vote on whether to take a vote on how to act around the cops! What a fucking sideshow. They were standing there, this small group of once a week wanna-be protesters-mind you, these aren’t the true zombies, living on the streets-trying to decide the fate of everyone down there. I thought it was kind of odd that they didn’t include any of the street huggers in on their conversations but I’m sure the zombies were too smart to play the game of chase your tail. The pacifist bickering continued up to the point when one of the people living on the sidewalk not more than 50 yards away had to have an ambulance called. A 50 year old lady people down there call Mama had a mild stroke and had to be taken away. The fine EMT workers continued to do their job and load her up, take her pulse and get her on oxygen while three drunk morons danced around them screaming praise to the EMT. Actually one guy mistook them for police and was furious thinking they were going to get hauled off to jail…..ah liquor, you demon beast!

The night’s events left me with a glance at both sides of the political coin from a local perspective. As much as I wanted to point my finger at those right winged advocates and say ‘you are the problem’, I had to admit, they had their shit together as far as organization and focus to commandeering a political coup. The left winged advocates are of a more compassionate, empathetic frame of mind but they can’t manage to get their shoes tied without arguing over how politically correct/incorrect it might be to refer to their foot coverings as ‘shoes’. Since the last election the Democrats had themselves in a position of outnumbering the Republicans in office but pissed away the opportunity to play hard ball and get things done. No one said it would be an easy task to undo the wrongs brought about by George W. Bush but still, the Dems let themselves be walked all over-and for better or worse, the same thing may very well happen this fall because if local Republican gatherings around the country are as spontaneous at jumping into the voting booths to help the political cause as the group I saw at Hamburger Marys, the Democrats are fucked. Ryan Call admitted the Republican Party has no affiliation with the Tea Party but once Tea Party members start looking at the two big national choices for president in 2012, who do you think they’ll side with? The swell of support behind Barack Obama came as an epilogue to the era of Mad King George W. who left a lot of people wanting to pull the handle just to get rid of the guy and his legacy; John McCain had a chance to win it but he fucked that pooch when he brought Sarah Palin into the mix. That sealed it for a lot of voters who thought the Republican legacy of insanity and below average IQ’s would continue from a McCain/Palin presidency. So as crazy as some might think our country would become led by the Filet O’ Fish Romney or Rick Santorum, it is anybody’s game for the taking. You may think some of the dribble out of the Republican candidate’s mouths is nuts, but it won’t matter because the person with the most chips at the end of the game wins. Occupy Denver, Occupy Wall Street, Occupy 49 states of the Union, but the person with the most chips wins.


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