The Dichotomy of Politics pt. 2: In the Belly of the Beast

The bourgeoisie finds itself involved in a constant battle. At first with the aristocracy; later on, with those portions of the bourgeoisie itself, whose interests have become antagonistic to the progress of industry.

-Karl Marx, The Communist Manifesto

 I had no idea what I would be opening the door to when I stumbled in the meeting of the Denver Metro Young Republicans. I peeked through the  door drape and saw no gratuitous bloodshed taking place, no game of smear the queer with steak knives, no shackled hippy protesters being bruised up-I figured it was safe enough to enter. The guest speaker, Ryan Call, was into his spiel about how the Republican party needed help stuffing envelopes, getting the GOP word out, via volunteers which they desperately need to stir the drive to oust the numbers of Democrats currently seated in the House and Senate. Call mentioned that, unlike the Dems, the Republicans don’t pay their volunteer workers so it would be on a strictly pro bono effort from anyone willing to sign up; whether this is factual about Democrats paying their help, I do not know.

 The Republican Party strategy (from this local perspective) is to defeat the lower ranks, then aim for the Presidency. Fill the two Houses with Republicans to support one of the GOP candidates. This was  a call out to the people to get behind a favored candidate and jockey their way into the White House. Seemed like a sound strategy to me-if I were running their race that would be the course of action I’d take. The speaker was actually rather good. Answered questions with temperance, kept the communist bashing to a minimum and gave his best to deter conspiracy superstitions-basic Government 101 stuff, keeping it real. During the Q&A portion I asked Mr. Call if the National Republican party had settled on one favored candidate to go against Obama in the fall. “That will be determined by you people” he smiled…..in other words, they wash their hands of the entire fate of Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum, et al-at least until pol numbers settle on a favored nation choice.

 The crowd itself wanted to talk about more viral issues being spread from sources like the web and FOX news, real trailer trash banter and as I listened in I got a sense that the real problem in the belly of the beast is not the local leaders, it’s the followers that have been whipped into a frenzy, working against itself in the name of some sensationalized bit thrown on the screen for them to react over. Some people tried to address Ryan with their concerns with statements that fell slightly short of coming out and saying someone needs to shoot the prez. Mr. Call quelled that kind of talk and again, stressed the importance of playing the game the way it’s supposed to be played; majority rules. When I asked my question about a viable candidate, this anxious woman with a face like Lauren Bacall leaned over and touched my arm. “That’s what we need” she said with this haunting gleam in here eyes, but a viable candidate may not be enough. I think they want a blood sacrifice from the Dems, Nancy Pelosi strung on a crucifix with a board nailed to her head reading NEVER AGAIN, or maybe Barack Obama caught on birth certificate fraud and forced to put on an orange suit and do the perp walk.

 The after party was more than I could handle. Expensive beer and food platters-I was still buzzing and had to get out of there before I caused some bad commotion. I had the information needed and still had time to hoof it some 10 blocks down to where the opposition was holding an Occupy rally. I wanted this GOP meeting fresh in my mind to put in contrast to the street Dems. No more drugs-for now. I pecked away at my hand held word processing tech as I lumbered toward the State Capital.


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