The Graveyard Shifts pt. 2

huge semi used to transport fencing to Civic Center Park

 My known pendejo associate, Eduardo, has grown to become the classic representation of Murphy’s Law in the living; whenever I have other things at hand he manages to get in touch with me, strung out and raging crazy over some simplistic problem, like trying to find his lost vehicle or persuading me to meet him to shop for items to take back to his family in some dirt bowl town near Oaxaca. When I do need to get in touch with him he’s nowhere to be found. Such was the case down at the protest site when I found out while talking with Big Country that some maniac had been terrorizing the folks down there, waving a pistol around in the wee hours. One problem that goes unnoticed with media coverage of these ‘Occupy’ territories throughout the country is what happens during the early morning hours when no public traffic is there to witness the shit going down. These people are being raped, robbed, tents and sleeping bags torn apart, cigarettes and clothes stolen…it’s not enough just to be living like a vagrant, they continue to suffer these brutal confrontations on a regular basis. I grumble when I have to get up in the middle of the night just to take a piss-imagine having to put on shoes, walk a block and a half to the bus station restroom and find someone to guard your items while you go there or run the risk of having all the possessions you own in this world stolen.

 Two attempts on the phone and still no answer from Eduardo. I’m hoping he’s on his way to Mexico to deliver goods to his relatives-his brother, Nestor, isn’t answering either but I don’t think Nestor knows my phone number so that might be a problem. I kept imagining the gun waving maniac sounds so much like that Chicano madman, always telling me how the “Occupy pussies need to take it up and start getting serious with fire and guns and shit.” I continue to argue that they need a more plausible agenda to get more people involved with their cause. If they continue this circus act of ambiguous political direction they will make very little-if any-progress. Scores of people communicate daily on internet social networks but have no correlated efforts with these zombies. The zombies have the strength, endurance and deranged tenacity to be real screws in the side of the monster corporate machines they wish to battle, but don’t realize the importance (in today’s society) of becoming web bound and ‘viral’. Most YouTube, et. al, video footage you see of these groups show minor skirmishes (Oakland aside) and fist clenching citizens aged 10 to 80 but why aren’t the Occupy groups more focused on content people can follow and understand? It takes most of my internet friends about three minutes to find some info on some slimy politician screwing us over yet these squatters continue to focus on keeping their asses out of jail and protected from being raped….how will that improve the economy? Everyone knows things are bad but what are we supposed to do about it? Vote out our elected officials that aren’t doing anything? That would wipe out most the House and Senate (the President as well, according to some disgruntled citizens). Years ago when that monster Richard Nixon was sending more and more planes over to Vietnam and Cambodia, the message from the people was clear; end the war…..nuff said. Now days our society is so pitted against one another that there is no definitive solution to be agreed on. This divisive arguing reminds one of the Civil War problems our country may have faced, brother against brother in a war of ideas.

 I left the campsite, still vaporized from the highly potent weed I’d been smoking, and gave up trying to reach Ed that night. The police said they caught whoever was menacing the zombies so if it was Eduardo, he’s probably on his way back to Mexico now, in the back of a blue colored school bus. The change of events there left me wondering what would happen now that the state, rather than the city of Denver, would have to pay patrol officers to keep a watch on things down there. The strategy to break the bank of Denver’s tax funds switches to a federal level now so how long can that hold out? The graveyard has shifted and a changing wind has added an air of suspicion to those residing in Grand Central Zombieland. I hope to earn their trust again with time, cigarettes and sundries. Time will tell.


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