Barack Obama: Political Cred All Up On Him

I’ve spent so much time recently basking in the hype and the frenzied hallucinations of the Republican camps that I’ve led my eyes astray from the other side and figured they (the Democrats) would continue to huddle in their small, quiet corners until the big fight in November. At the beginning of our last presidential cycle the Dems were top dogs at the table, majority rulers. They pissed their pants when this reality sunk in. All the time they were blaming lack of support from the House and Senate on the majority numbers held by the Republicans, then when the tables turned and they had the majority, warm liquid trickled down their legs.

Time has caught up with the Great Hope and Change. President Obama now finds himself in the midst of real work to be done. This Sunday he will address the annual conference of the America Israel Political Action Committee with the looming threat of Iran being top on the list of things to worry about. The following day the President will meet with Israel Prime Minister, Netanyahu, where more diplomacy will be needed to secure backing from AIPAC. AIPAC support for Obama can guaranty the Jewish vote goes his way and he doesn’t want to lose that support. Any politician who wants to win the race needs to appease myriad organizations and groups of individuals to secure their vote. I think the only groups politicians don’t worry about are the transgender and American Indian vote-too low numbers to give a rat’s ass about them.

Last Thursday the Senate voted on an amendment to allow provisions for companies to opt out of the Obama healthcare proposal on moral or religious grounds. In other words the bill brought forth by the Republicans wanted to oversee a woman’s vag and tell her what she could do with it. Lucky for those in disfavor of such laws, the Democrats grew a pair and shut the bill down. They finally developed some intestinal fortitude and shoved back at the bullies. Then, President H and C steps up and says he’s not bluffing about attacking Iran if they build nuclear weapons. He did back that statement with a typical statesman response warning Israel against a premature strike from them on Iran but still, I had to raise an eyebrow and wonder about our leader…is he too growing some balls? Will he lay down his cleancut, ebony gentleman image and throw on a do rag approach to international diplomacy? Will he stop greeting foreign leaders with a subtle smile and handshake to replace it flashing gang signs backed up by an entourage of pipe thumping gangstas all hooded up? Maybe he should folks. Maybe a more assertive, more modern urban look and feel will scare the shit out of the rest the world to let them know this is America, and we’re crazy fucking street thugs. We will no longer tolerate or quell the fires of such insanity from tribal bickering amongst Shiite and Sunni that hampers world peace. Warn them that we will come over there with cans of gas made from their own oil and set the place on fire. Scare the fuck out of the old white cracker assemblage of Republicans by getting all up in their grill with some horse banging skanks all inked up staring at them to make a move. If Obama really wants change, he should go full tilt ghetto and see what results come about. The old methods of rule are faltering and no one but the rich are settled right now. Big hunks of our country are out of work or underemployed, medically unstable, losing their houses and playing the game the way it’s been played for decades is starting to run it’s course. Too many professional politicians have learned how to stack the deck so maybe it’s time we knocked the deck over and reshuffled. C’mon Home-bama, have one of your boy’s put a warning cap in John Boehner’s ass and he’ll start to play ball with you.

The days ahead will lead the President out from any potential ‘wait and see’ strategy. World and national events have work that needs done . It’s not enough that you were on duty when bin Laden was killed, not enough to pull boys out of Iraq (and place them in Afghanistan). More national and international problems are piling on your desk Mr. President and you have to do something…so what’s it gonna be? More of the same or hope and change? Stop listening to your critics because they will snub you no matter what you do. Do the right thing and leave a legacy of accomplishment, not a parody of leadership. Grow a pair.


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