Pt. 2: Andrew and the Captain

My preference swings toward drugs over liquor. Liquor tends to leave me thirsty and that leads to more drink, which leads to more thirst; a vicious cycle that usually ends up with me running out of liquor and still thirsty. The conversation with Andrew and the Captain (Kenny) went on for a while but soon the one twenty one bus would be chugging up the street and I needed to get back to rest after a day’s work. I still hadn’t been able to pin down enough of their political philosophy on all the candidates, all the political mumbo jumbo so many of us hold in such high regard as being life important matters. All three of us left the Coffee Beanery and headed toward the bus stop, this time I took Andrew up on is offer of a shot  in my now empty styrofoam coffee cup.

Andy was tilting his head back and squinting his eyes even though the sun was below the mountains to the west. I had no idea how much he and the Captain had finished off but you could tell they were feeling good. They were very much in control of their facilities but certainly buzzed. They were anxious and street jumpy. They reminded me of some aging version of Jay and Silent Bob, witty and dumb as fuck at the same time.  We continued to hit on some key political points of view and what they left me with was an evaluation from the man on the street as it compared to the more tempered social group I have been accustomed with. My observation showed that these two were very similar in their opinions to most people I have spoken with recently. Everyone sees the problems out there, few have valid solutions. Everyone points their finger at the current ball busters in office and claims everything would be hunky dory if only they were ousted.

No valid candidate stands out as a savior; Santoreeum wants us all to be Christians, Gingrich will drive all the niggas to Cuba….what the hell. I’ve heard crazier theories and accusations from the mouths of a more learned culture. Master Okawa of the Happy Science Church, (a multi-million dollar religious group) claims to channel into all current American political figures and tells his followers that Barack Obama is the reincarnation of Montezuma, who wants to bring down the white man. Large groups of people dress in suit and tie, have six figure incomes and hang on this grapefruit’s every word when it comes to political decisions; who’s the crazy one out there?

The bus finally arrived and I quickly polished off the remaining drops of that nasty bourbon, thanked Andrew and Kenny for their company and went on my way leaving them standing there going right back at it with one another. I do hope I run into them again on the one twenty one. A lot of people might look at these two liquored up roosters and cross the street to avoid them. I say they aren’t the frightening ones out there folks. They are salt of the earth people who’ve just learned to unwind. The real frightening people aren’t the loud drunks on the bus, the real monsters are those that hide behind their doors and wouldn’t offer to buy you a cup of coffee if their life depended on it. The real troublemakers are those that would plot us against one another in the name of uniformity and control. Too many people want to buy a gun and point it at a woman’s uterus or threaten a man in a turban because they have no idea what a Sikh is and mistake said turbaned man for Osama Bin Laden’s mole in hiding waiting to bomb their schools and rape their children. Fear stems from the unknown and if you refuse to talk to or learn who your fellow man and woman are, you will remain in a state of fear until your dieing day.

Via Con Dios, Andrew and Silent Kenny.


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