Diphenhydramine….For What Ails Ya!

Hey I’ve got this great joke you can tell your friends and it’s pretty easy to remember….it goes like this; healthcare in America.

Leave aside all other comments another developed country may make about the United States and do some focusing on the way we take care of our sick. All our governing officials and elected wanna-bes should focus real hard on a plan to help out the mass of people in this country that are fighting just to get in the door to see a doctor. I’m not even going to begin talking about the unaffordable treatment for high end disease like cancer, ALS or a dozen other nasty forms of death, I’m just talking about the basics; my kid broke their leg or I caught a nasty viral infection or my teeth are falling out. I and hundreds of people have seriously wondered about the steps it would take to become a Canadian citizen because our glorious country and the bastards who run it feel they can continue to play this game called ignore the 400 pound gorilla in the room.

Menial milestones keep getting tossed into play as if this is supposed to actually do something about caring for the sick. Each day our politicians refuse to work on it is another day we get to nurse our ailments with the likes of Benadryl or some other bullshit, weak ass numbing ointment they sell over the counter. People are forced to mull around their friends for a tablet of vicodin or perhaps one of your relatives cuts back on their antibiotic to keep on the shelf in case someone else gets an infection. I doubt any of the members of congress have to wait (no less than) a month, like me, to get into see a doctor. I’m on the brilliant program dreamed up through Obamacare or John Boehnercare or Pelosicare or whoever the fuck got that one to pass through, and I have to plan my sickness a month in advance to get in to see a doctor. Once there IĀ  get a prescription, but after paying the premium to see the doctor I can’t afford the meds so what’s the use? I have a condition that needs a medication-no generic brand is made-that runs $350 a month. It took me two and a half years to get on a program that was offered by the drug manufacturers so I can get it free. This tells me that the medicine is grossly overpriced, or the drug company is getting funding from the government to pay for my meds. If the government is funding this med then why is it so hard to get set up in this program? Why didn’t they give me a piece of paper and say ‘here you are Dave, now you can breathe.’ If I would have left it to the government I would literally be dead before getting the medicine I need.

If We the People stopped providing healthcare for our elected officials perhaps something would get done about this atrocity they call a health plan. If we don’t do or say anything and just stand by idle, be prepared for more painful days in your golden years. Plan on spending a huge chunk of any savings you have on doctor’s visits and pills. Honest, what American doesn’t want to be proud of their country and be able to say something like “we have the best health care in the world”? Why do we continue to turn our heads in disgrace and envy those in European countries that are getting the care they need. Oh I’ve heard people argue with me saying if I want that kind of healthcare I should be prepared to stand in line for a month to see a doctor.

Well I think I’ve been well prepared folks.


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