Houston, We Have a Problem…..

Whitney Houston is taking the nap and the problem isn’t whether she was a beloved singer, a good singer or role model for the youth of America. The problem is she now becomes the momentary distraction, the dog being wagged before a numbed society as a bit of prestidigitation to distract our minds from the real issues at hand. Whitney died and that doesn’t bring us one step closer to healing a country at wit’s ends with one another. Houston’s death won’t bring home troops from any of the multiple wars the U.S. is involved with, won’t help our economy or bring the price of oil down. Did I expect her passing to accomplish those miracles? No. It was never expected to happen with her demise. Whitney Houston’s death is another tragic tale to be shared amongst the masses in honor to the memory of her career and her life, nothing more. All well and civil but the problem is, our nation continues to get sucked into these menial tidbits of social trivia and overlook the more poignant issues of our time.

I know how entertaining it is to be caught up in the fanfare of celebrity appearances, gaffes and outlandish episodes but why has our country quelled itself into a submissive Shangri-La that relishes award shows and YouTube video snippets of cute furry animals. We’ve become a nation of children distracted by pretty colors. Are we so powerless that we haven’t the initiative to get up and attempt to save this country or are we complacent to sit around and be coddled by fast internet streams of visual stimuli? We in America have been lucky enough to have this nation that was built on the backs of a few generations of hard swinging people that worked to make a better future for their children and their children’s children. Accomplishments and milestones slowly took us from a country of animal skin wearing, musket carrying to a society that landed on the moon yet now we sit in a circle and trade quips with one another about the latest episode of (fill in your least favorite program here) for sport.  I admire the ancestors of Earth who sat around and watched the stars in the sky. They kept pace of the shiny twinkling things up there, not really knowing what they were, and created a sophisticated system to help them time the planting of crops, navigate our oceans and much more. Where is our modern equivalent to such practical achievement? Why aren’t we more like the kid who has a set of blocks and less like the kid who has every new electronic gadget out there. The kid with the electronic gadgets eventually gets bored (or becomes a mindless CHUD) playing the same game over and over yet the kid with the blocks uses his mind to create new games and different ways to entertain himself by utilizing the creative process.

Mourn Houston’s death but don’t sit and wait in anticipation for the next celebrity to kick the bucket. Anyone who knew her career with drugs can’t honestly be surprised with her passing-just like Amy Winehouse. Everyone knew that train wreck was headed for an early grave and when it happened we all bowed are heads and thought “saw that coming’. Don’t sit and wait for those things you know will happen, challenge yourself to examine the unseen and face the unknown. Immerse yourself in the tasks that need to be done out there because if you and I don’t work at fixing them, who will?


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