Different Day, Same War

I needed a distraction from this sickness that’s been plaguing me the last few days. Not only has it left me with the symptoms typical of flu (nausea, headaches, sneezing) but my patience level is at an all time low. It didn’t help that my bus driver appeared to be high from nitrous or drunk. He started on my first nerve by trying to drive away before picking me up, a stunt that earned him my verbal wrath as I pounded the side of the bus cursing him. Once on the bus I continued the rant for a few moments while he sat there with his belly exposed to me, not wanting to dance tonight knowing I was well worked up and may leave scars. Oh well I thought, best to sit down and get my mind off this guy-but no. He starts calling out every street over the on-board microphone, as well as his personal favorite restaurants and landmarks along the way. “If anyone needs me to stop at an unscheduled corner just let me know, I can pull over for you.” Thanks you drunk fuck, make me get home even later as I already feel like shit warmed over.

The best way I felt to distract myself from his announcements (“oh there’s the Lotus Flower Inn, great Chinese food folks”) was to get on my phone and peruse the internet news, see if there’s any new political rumblings or scandalous murders. Two pages through my browser I notice some off-shoot story from ABC news about the war in Afghanistan being the longest in U.S. history, surpassing the Vietnam War. Is that thing still going on? Are we still shipping soldiers over there to die? This should be mainstream news stuff, American men and women still in the struggle of a war in that foreign no-win zone and how many of us are letting this continue without so much as a call to our Congressman or woman?

What is so hard to understand about this stench of a landmark that continues to attract military scuffles throughout the ages. Start back in 330 B.C. with Alexander the Great. It took him three years to overthrow Afghanistan and after his death, his empire’s hold there fell apart. In 642 the Islamic conquest of the Afghans. In the 13th century the Mongols came in and took it, that ended and was fought over by the Mughal and Durrani empires for a while, the first Anglo-Afghan war in 1839, second and third Anglo-Afghan wars, Afghan Civil wars, Russia gets its ass handed to them and now here we are, stuck in the thick of it thinking we’re going to have a different result?

Track records can be broke so saying by some miracle of God, Buddah and the Devil we managed to win there, what the hell did we win? Why are we there? Fight them over there so we don’t have to fight them here? The last time we had to fight anyone on U.S. soil was during the Civil War and that was a war against ourselves. The last foreign occupation was during the Revolutionary  War. The people of Afghanistan can’t afford toast and you think they’re gong to ship masses of troops into Cleveland and start attacking? Are these wiley terrorists going to manage a smuggled bomb into the heartland and wipe out our entire country? This sounds more like the rant philosophy of a true paranoid. Our nation should be more concerned about a nation that has the capacity to cripple us without firing a single shot; hit us in the economic testicles and we will curl up.

Our political representatives are ripe for the pickling right now folks. The campaign is in full swing and our demands are the building block to their numbers. A nation that stands together and insists we get our troops out of these unnecessary skirmishes will see a domino effect fall over the candidates. They want your vote folks-no, they want a job, which means they need your vote to get the job. Make them stop this senseless slaughter of our citizens, there is no need for it.  We don’t need this. We have bigger problems in this country. Bring the troops back, spare lives and build a fucking flying car, mend the highways, feed the masses. If you really feel a need to play whip-ass on someone, use that adrenaline in Sudan or Somalia, somewhere true human tragedy is taking place.

Just remember, tomorrow is another day…..and the war is still going.


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