I Am the Dream; Who Is the Dreamer?

What a great surprise to wake up to. I had been nursing one hell of a bug I caught from some inconsiderate person on the train that kept coughing their germs over everyone (or maybe it was that SAR S-like dust in those boxes from China I unpacked at work) . The sickness only held me for two days but that last day was true delirium, sweats and shakes and a few mild hallucinations. The morning the sickness broke I popped on my computer and discovered Rick Santorum had taken the winner’s seat in Colorado, Missouri and Minnesota. I waited until after my first cup of coffee was finished to make sure I wasn’t still suffering from the sickness and yes, there it was in black and white. Rick Santorum snags the key spot in the three most recent contests for the Republican seat in the national election.

After letting that news sink in I began to try and formulate a theory as to how this happened. I had already written the former senator from Pennsylvania out of the race and here he was rising to the top again. How could this be happening? I bet Mitt Romney was saying the same thing in spite his press statement saying his campaign wasn’t worried about this, that this ‘meant nothing’. Yeah right Mitt. That reminds me of the kid in school who got punched and said ‘doesn’t hurt’ while tears streamed down his cheek. The masses have spoken at the tri state locations where the large dogs figured it was all in the bag for them. Hell they even had me convinced because politics has become a waning game that starts people down a road and takes a lot of resistance to alter any course. I guess the fine folks in Colorado, Missouri and Minnesota bought into the hype and glam Rick brought with him to neighborhoods overlooked by the likes of the other contenders. Maybe Romney and Gingrich will rethink their strategy for future states.

The big factor I forgot to take into consideration is the people voting for Santorum weren’t a majority of citizens from those states, they were a majority of Republicans from those states. Rick went out there and convinced those people that he was a conservative minded candidate, far less liberal viewed than Romney and far far more sane than Gingrich. Far more sane. His plan to venture into the smaller races to gain support may get the Massachusetts Man to rethink his strategy. So often the candidates spread their appearances thin in non-key state battles figuring the big wins will gather lesser state voters to jump on board like lemmings. Bad strategy to apply for this race because whether Mitt wants to admit it or not, people aren’t that crazy about him. He’s winning by a baby’s ass hair margin in popularity that’s left more people voting with one hand and holding their nose with the other.

Now in a world I created, we would have dynamic politicians that answered our questions with straightforward answers and helped to build a bright future…but this is not a perfect world and it’s not one I created. I am not the dreamer folks, I am the dream. I did not conceive this concoction of bastards that stand up there and spew shit out their mouths for the public to gobble. Long gone are the  days of political figures like Theodore Roosevelt who spoke softly and carried a big dick, we are not going to have that type leader again. So what are we stuck with? Who is the dreamer and why did he/she come up with this group of misfits to choose from?

America faces a world influenced society where random nations around the globe now have more presence, economically, within our borders. Some small spit of a country may rise into an upsurge that sends a huge chunk of American men and women beyond our shores to battle it out under the guise of freedom. Painful financial woes continue to strain at the middle class and seek to work toward forcing us into a two tier nation of the rich and the poor. What are we to do you ask…..ask the dreamer how this all is supposed to work out because I wasn’t the one who put these ass bags up to be elected. If it were me I’d want some cross bred mutant created from Ken Kessey and John Wayne, or maybe Thomas Jefferson and Alvin Karpis, but not Rick Santorum, Mitt Romney, Barack Obama, Newt (gouge my eye out quick) Gingrich or any of the other ‘b’ choices we’ve been left with. Yet it wasn’t left up to me, I didn’t dream this up-I am the dream, not the dreamer.

So who is the dreamer?



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