Chumming the Sharks

I don’t know which has a more firm grasp on my testicles at the moment, Super Bowl fever of the Republican primary countdown. Both have a similar appeal, both leave the viewer wanting a good clean game but in the end, what they really want is to see the opposition get their asses handed to them on a platter. The New York Giants and the New England Patriots get ready to face off one another in Super Bowl forty six come February 5th, yet the playoffs are still going on for the GOP race to see who faces off the Democratic Division in November. Media outlets continue chumming the waters to draw advantage over their competitors for ratings and with the big game tomorrow, they are deciding to put politics on the back burner. Fear not. The networks are keeping a well trained eye on both events and are ready to jump back in with a campaign update should something really savory take place. Say for instance, Gingrich gets caught at some rally plowing someone’s kid or Ron Paul goes insane at a gun range in Texas and takes out a dozen news hounds, the press will be there to fill us in. The day to day small talk isn’t paying for many commercials at the moment so we’ll have to wait until Monday or Tuesday to get back on board that train.

I like how the games from both venues played out. A true east/west Super Bowl would have played out better for sponsor’s sake but being that the Pats are back in it again, I feel Eli Manning and his team will make a good show for the sport (fingers crossed). Here we have the stodgy swagger of Tom Brady going up against the gentle Giant, Eli Manning. I have to give credit to Brady, although he appears to be a dick, personally, the guy can play football. Anyone who checks his stats would have to agree that he is a winning quarterback and the best way to take him down is to rattle him. Once Brady’s focus is shaken by a fast sack or two his accuracy rating falters quick. The New York defense has the ability to put the hurt on New England’s offense they need to rise to the occasion and stay focused on playing, not on the ‘game’. Too many top performing teams have fallen victim to being in the game of all games, the top prize. Players could find themselves too wired to play properly and losing their focus if they can’t settle down.

As for the other game, the political one, the results from the Florida primary left a lot of people sighing with relief as Mitt Romney played it out and kept Newt Gingrich from stealing the lead. It seemed that for a while Gingrich had managed to get a real toe hold on the campaign rally scene which left large groups of Republicans and unsure voters wondering if that lizard would actually bully his way to the top. Some real nastiness was traded between Newt and the Filet ‘O Fish Mormon candidate but Mitt held his own and actually managed to use some of Gingrich’s verbal trickery on the seasoned politician from Georgia. Most people (myself included) feel the race is all but over and will most likely have Mitt Romney facing Barack Obama in the fall for the presidency so now what comes about is the debate in our minds…..which form of pain do we want for the upcoming four years?

Yes, most people want to see their team win, in football and in politics, but what they want more than that is to see their opponent lose. Most Republicans have a mindset that doesn’t favor Romney so much as it hates to see Obama win again. Most Democratic voters want to make sure Republicans don’t get their foot in the White House door this time around because the taste George Bush Jr. left in our mouths is still pretty sour. Very little effort has been taken to pledge a gifted leader before our country that can provide a solution-just like football, we’ve come to expect certain strategy from our players. The Pats will have a strong throwing game, Obama (when cornered) will rely on past accomplishments to let him win the game and Mitt Romney will try to gather enough frustrated citizens to cast a vote against Obama. It’s not so much they want to see Mitt win, they want to see Obama lose. It’s not that we’ve been such huge Giants fan, it’s just that we want to see Tom Brady lose.


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