Oh Ricky, We Hardly Knew Ye

Presidential election campaigns are like heroin to me. I can walk away for a couple days but then I find myself scratching uncontrollably and my saliva gets thick with anticipation over what new meaningless tidbit of hooplah paints a man’s bid for the seat of Supreme Ruler. This popularity contest has yet to  disappoint me with all the ups and downs; a most notorious gang of hard core conservatives chomping at the bit to take the front runner’s seat to face the Great and Powerful Hope and Change in a smackdown extravaganza this November. Rick Santorum is beginning to wear down and is soon to break a leg in the final heat leaving the two top dogs, Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney, to give it their all to race to the end. The announcement from the Associated Press lists Santorum as ‘tired, almost broke and going home.’

No one was that surprised to hear the former Pennsylvania senator slowing down. Most people expected it, they just weren’t sure how soon it would happen or what it would be that would take him out of the race.  If they found out he put a bun in some campaign worker’s oven or perhaps a dead body found at his estate, all heads would have shook in agreement to say yes, this man needs to be removed at once. When a presidential hopeful announces that he’s run out of cash, we want to call it a copout, the pansy wuss out statute. I feel we should push him back in there to waste even more time and money. C’mon Rick, what happened to all that drive to save the country? Where’s all that strong conservative willpower to oust that dark demon in office (no racial pun intended)? Not too long ago ole Ricky was out there spewing quotes from Abraham Lincoln and wearing really nice sweaters and now he just wants to go home and do his taxes? He did promise to continue the fight in Florida but everyone knows he’s just lying there on the track with a broken leg, jerking with spasms while we all sigh with empathy and wish him well.

I think I would have felt more for him-either more loathing or more respect-had he been less a wallflower in this campaign. Santorum would kind of strut around in the outer corona of the spotlight but never managed to bask in it’s light like our favorite reptile, Newt. Now there’s a fellow who knows how to play the camera. If things get a little stale, he tells the working class they can clean shitters for a living. He’ll contradict himself, call someone out in a one on one. Rick just sat there like a choirboy….This is the big league man, grow a pair! His meager approach at making himself appear to be the thinking man’s choice didn’t go over. Perhaps being categorized as hating gay people, all for income inequality and in favor of putting doctors in jail for any kind of abortion he more or less fell into that small wading pool of voters that continue to cling on to an old Jerry Falwell school of followers. How many attempts will it take before these presidential wanna-bes learn that the percentage of voters out there who advocate such extreme conservative values amount to a spit in the bucket. The people who cling to such harsh standards for all to live by are the same people who think we need to start hunting witches again.

I continue to get my high from the antics of all the candidates and shed a small tear as they fade away one by one. New reports show Ron Paul will skip the Florida primary, Romney holds an 8 point lead over Gingrich in the Sunshine State but will that hold once Newt starts planting worms of distrust inside the minds of voters, reminding them of the newly discovered millions Mitt claimed on his taxes? The closer the race gets to the finish line the more all out surge the politicians exude. Quick last minute promises like a high school boy trying to get in a girl’s pants, erratic behavior, blatant lies….ahh, like sweet heroin.


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