Mitt Romney; The Political Fillet ‘O’ Fish

The race is in the final stretch with four Republican contenders racing at a furious pace for the line. According to most avid watchers of the debates and primaries (among them Reid Wilson of the National Journal) Romney will take the show despite the efforts of the other three candidates. Gingrich as been trying hard to bite his tongue and tone down to appear as a more settled, more ‘normal’ candidate (Gingrich’s own description of himself) but once he feels his poll numbers slip he’ll lash out with some mouthful of venom and it’s back to being the NewtMonster we’ve all come to know and fear.  Ron Paul continues to wade through the shit thrown at him and Santorum is barely mentioned anymore.  Rick Perry threw is support Newt’s way in an effort to overpower the Paul supporters but any true Perry supporter doesn’t have the focal power to stay up with Gingrich. It’s back to the cow pastures in Texas for those voters to hunt down more psilocybin.

With these predictions in mind I thought it might be a good opportunity to look at this political frontrunner’s history, just a few points to ponder when figuring this could be the man to run our country if enough disgruntled citizens say they’ve had enough of the Great Hope and Change. Right now it’s still a back and forth decision for a growing number of independent voters; a lot of people are sorely disappointed with Obama but not enough (yet) to put someone inept in office. It’s like figuring you’re tired of having to contend with this old dusty turd that’s not doing anything for you, so you trade it for a new wet turd.

So, Willard Mitt Romney. Married 35 years, five sons, ten grandchildren, Governor of Massachusetts from ’03 to ’07, Republican nominee for Senate (Mass.) and Republican presidential candidate in 2008 and 2012. My initial take on the man is one of a guy with the social appeal of a Fillet ‘O’ Fish sandwich; pretty white bread taste, no zing or spice, no fancy lettuce or tomatoes folks, just a bit of white sauce and maybe (if you feel really wild) a slice of American cheese. The epitome of how out of touch this guy is can be viewed by looking up “Mitt Romney-Who Let The Dogs Out” on YouTube. This is my favorite clip of the Mormon megastar standing next to some black kids in Jacksonville, Florida, four years ago. He’s trying to let them know that he’s all gangsta by asking these kids who let the dogs out. I love their detached response. You can imagine what’s floating through their mind at that moment wondering how they ever allowed themselves to be filmed with a Fillet ‘O’ Fish?

This man’s political intentions are varied and evasive, earning him a following of reporters and analysts that continue to find flaws and contradictions from his campaign. I can’t possibly list all his quirks a it would take too much space on this post; there was so much interesting fodder on Romney that back during the ’08 campaign, John McCain had a small booklet published to highlight the Massachusetts boy’s misbehavings. The facts found do not necessarily reflect a consistent mainstream Republican or right-wing take on politics which in the end could be his blessing or his curse for gaining enough support to boost him to the presidency:

• April 2006 – Signs into law a comprehensive health care reform package designed to provide health care for all Massachusetts residences by 2007.

• December 2006 – Boston Globe reports that Romney has used illegal immigrants at his home to perform maintenance work.

• October 2005 – Romney signs bill expanding family planning services, including abortion counseling and morning after pill.

• 1994 – Romney shows public support of  ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’  calling it a first step to ward allowing gay citizens to serve openly in the military.

• 1994 – Romney backs the Brady Bill on assault weapons saying “I won’t line up the the NRA.”

• August 2006 – In an effort to win gun enthusiast support during his ’08 presidential campaign, Romney brags about owning a gun. He finally admits that he dos not own a gun, that the gun belongs to his son.

• Romney states that he has been a hunter “pretty much all my life”, then later admits that he has only been hunting twice n his life.

• While serving as Governor of Massachusetts, Romney left his successor a budget deficit exceeding $1 billion, raised state taxes and fees more than $700 million per year, quadrupled gun licensing fees and rose the state tax burden more than 7%.

• Romney proposes a state tourism tax and a signs a 50% increase tax on cremation fees, placing more financial obligation on the dead.

The list of accomplishments goes on and to read some of the stuff this guy has himself involved in paints a more broad picture of the candidate than the Fillet ‘O’ Fish title I placed on him. His appearance is an impressive cloak of ambiguity covering his true feelings on matters which leaves a lot wondering what he truly stands for. I feel the 2012 showdown with Barack Obama would become an interesting, more dignified debate should Romney take the lead so if a gentleman’s bout is what you wish, hope for a Obama/Romney showdown. If you want some MMA action, vote for Gingrich and Obama. Keep tuned folks because it’s coming down to the wire and any day at any given moment, any candidate can slip and break a leg on the track. Keep your eye on the finish line as the race tightens.


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