Ron Paul; No Old Men for Country

“This is the new stuff,

I go dancing in”

-Peter Gabriel, Sledgehammer

 The GOP primary polls continue to swing into play while the country sits back and scratches their head, befuddled at the rallied support for Mitt Romney. Keeping a pretty good pace with the Mormon hominid is this good old Texan Republican named Ron Paul but social stigma sits it’s ugly ass at the feet of most voters causing them to stop dead in their tracks wondering what to do. Here’s a guy with these political gang signs that suggest trouble for a lot of folks, i.e. Republican, Texan, yet his uncharacteristic stance on a number of issues have growing numbers of people wondering if this might be the dog to put in the race.

The crowds of angry citizens are chomping at the bit to pull a ‘vote for anyone but Obama’ ticket but in the face of putting someone into office like Mitt Romney or Newt Gingrich they’re finding it hard to put a lot of bang behind their rallies. The entire string of Republican debates that were televised became so blasé it came down to George Stephanopoulos asking the candidates what they would be doing on the weekend if they weren’t at the debates. That’s the kind of meat and potato, hard line questions we want asked of the next leader of the free world. Why not ask if they prefer boxers or briefs or what their take is on the new season of ‘The Bachelor’? Creeping Jesus, this is for the world cup folks, the football with a button to the nukes and you’re sounding like a conversation from the film ‘Marty’?

Ron Paul is an interesting old bird and may just continue to grow in interest to a lot of voters. Just look at the names of some socialites who are already putting their name in support of said Texan; rapper Mobb Deep, singer Arlo Guthrie, cannabis culture activist Marc Emery, race car driver Ron Garlits, magician/comedian Penn Jilette, Conressman Dennis Kucinich, Conressman Walter Jones, Presidential cadidate/political gnat Ralph Nader, singer/closet homosexual Barry Manilow, judicial analyst Judge Napolitano, Vince Vaughn, Jessie Ventura-the list keeps growing folks and the names on this list show a diverse fan base that might start to win over the undecided voter.

Now I have believed all along that Barack Obama was just one stone throw away from being voted out but in order to win the election, an opponent of the Great Hope and Change will need a big backing. The corporate money will continue to bolster men like Romney. I don’t feel they’re crazy enough to invest much time, money or effort on the likes of Newt Gingrich, who is too busy defending a bad ad campaign that chastised Romney for speaking French. Ron Paul may take the Go Rin No Sho approach of washing the mountain away with subtle waves. His views tend to present themselves to a wary public as being the bastard incarnation of  Libertarian philosophy, apple pie and Cheech Marin.  He continues to pique the interest of the common people who don’t want any part of the old ways (which is why so many jumped on the ‘change the way politics is being run’ bandwagon) but are too hesitant to back a candidate that becomes too radical. People don’t want to change the world so much as they want to fix the one we have.

Let’s juts see where the oncoming primary battles leave us and if a man with no sex appeal, no ginormous bank account or Baptist preacher backing can tread water in this fight for the President’s seat. I will continue to listen to any and all candidates and cheer Paul on for his intestinal fortitude amidst a sea of hair sprayed, slick talking politcal androids as they fight their way to defeat Hope and Change.


1 Response to “Ron Paul; No Old Men for Country”

  1. 1 Bev Cross
    01/16/2012 at 11:33 am

    Well-said! Leave it to a doctor to know there comes a time when you can’t put any more salve on it, the splinter simply must come out. And the fact that the 76-year-old is the only candidate with enough grit to pull the splinters is quite indicative that “intestinal fortitude” jumped off this country’s fashion train a few decades ago.

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