Broncoholic Fever in the Mile High City

Sunday football fans witnessed the Denver Broncos triumph over the Pittsburgh Steelers to push the Mile High team onto the next tier in the NFL Playoffs; an overtime finish that typically plays out in some feel good film where good wins over evil, where perseverance wins the game of the day. The cleancut Timothy Richard Tebow knocked past Superbowl champ Ben Roethlisberger out of the winner’s circle in the game of good boy versus bad boy. All can be said about how it takes a team to win, yadda yadda, but what continues to stick on the fanatic fan’s mind is that certain special someone that dominates the media attention to be deemed ‘team icon’. Fans of the Broncos have waited since John Elway left to find an individual to fill those large shoes and most will say that Tebow is stepping into that slot pretty quick and easy.

Me say anything bad against the starting Quarterback, are you fucking kidding me? I have to live here people. They’d rip my lungs out and sew my testicles to my head. This man has put football back on the plate and anyone who follows an NFL football team knows, everybody loves it when their team is winning. The guy (Tebow) seems to be a genuine nice guy, really down to earth and talented to boot. His abilities make for a great post season watch but almost as entertaining to me is the fanatical following from fans of the Broncos and/or Tim Tebow. These cult-like mobs follow radio and television stations, newspapers and websites with blathering reviews and philosophies geared at explaining the Tebow phenomena like it was a new founded religion or perhaps a rekindling of some age old adage. The local Denver sports reporters and Broncos head coach seem to be hesitant to mention the star Qb’s name too often for fear of starting a Jesus frenzy so they use terms like ‘unique productive offenses’ to describe the running abilities of the six foot three inch muscle picked up from the Florida Gators. Every arm chair enthusiast seems to have the skinny on this kids success which makes it so fun to listen to. A lot of people act as if God himself came down and put the strength of Samson into Tim so he could slay opposing teams, drug dealers and anyone generally working against basic Christian beliefs.

I would like to tell the fans to slow down and take a deep breath but sport fans are like any type of extremist; very hard to reason with. A growing proportion of viewers are adamant about touting Tebow’s skills with being a direct connection, a divine link to the Almighty and will refute anyone who suggests his performance as dedication to practice, good diet and rigorous exercise. Do they really feel he’s the only quarterback the NFL has seen with a great throwing arm and the ability to run? Lest we forget too quick, Michael Vick was a formidable dashing QB out on the field until he was caught raising hellhound pit bulls for the sport of fighting. Great football players come and go and they will live in our minds by giving us classic rivalries to relish, but this mentality that the gridiron performance someone gives on the field is evidence that good clean living is the Way? Purely indecent.

Right now, somewhere in a back lot in rural America lives a future generation’s next great running back or unstoppable defensive tackle. Who’s to say that kid isn’t some well bred, well fed Islamic Palestinian thug from Dearborn that just wants to play ball? I understand that people are tired of the off field antics of so many players who end up involved with hard core steroid use or caught with a pistol down their pants and I am all for positive roll models, but I pray (funny choice of words) that this doesn’t get out of hand and become a new strain of the Branch Davidians . Kepp it simple folks, it’s just a game.




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