…And the Race is On…..

Now the race is on and here comes pride up the backstretch

heartaches are-a going to the inside

-George Jones, Race is On

 January 2012 and push comes to shove with the first new years caucus posting the top three winners from the Republican frontrunners. This is when politics gets nice and greasy, the real deal folks. All statements made prior to the Iowa fanfare from the GOP cacophony are moot from this point on, all betting windows are closed and here we go. My only regret is that the Democrats won’t have as lively a turnout this year. The Dems candidate is squared off in the corner waiting for the top dog on the Republican side to saunter into the ring with him. The Democratic conventions, gatherings, soirees, whatever and whichever they choose to participate in, will amount to little more than a high school pep rally; one of those events you’re forced to attend but really don’t give a shit about. The real appeal remains in the GOP corner where push is coming to shove, every man and woman clawing their way to the number one position.

 The top winners in Iowa for 2012 were Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum and Ron Paul.  Romney took the lead-barely-over two unconventional candidates which will no doubt boost the Mormon idealist to continue. Rick Perry has stalled at the gate so we’ll have to see if his supporters will hive him a shot of steroids and put him back on the track. Gingrich will more than likely rear his big melon head a few more times seeing as it won’t cost him a dime to continue, not really. That man has played the game for so long he knows how to use and abuse the system to fit his needs.

 I do feel a bit saddened that Michele Bachmann has decided to drop out of the race. Her own special flavor of lunacy added to the sparkle and pizazz of the debates. It was evident from early on that no one was going to elect that woman into office, but wasn’t it fun to watch her weave her heinous ideas in front of the camera? Gingrich comes close to that brand of craziness with his ‘let them clean toilets’ approach to fixing our economy but none could create a dystopia quite like Michelle. I will miss her insanity.

 Santorum (just weeks ago) was practically ignored throughout the multitude of Republican debates that were televised, same with Paul. Commentators constantly downplayed and berated Ron Paul for the longest time, even as his numbers continued to hover near the top. Social moguls are giving their take on potential winners for the GOP top seat. Rupert Murdoch and the delusional pastor/deity Pat Robertson threw their opinion out for the public to gnaw on but neither man could have forseen Ron Paul and Rick Santorum placing this well as they did. Maybe Robertson did; he’s not letting us in on what God told him about the election results. If this is the same God that told Robertson the floods in Louisiana were the result of homosexuality then why isn’t Bachmann still in the running? The Grand Warlock of Mexico announced to the public that Obama would not win a second term-could this Brujo and Robertson be speaking with the same ethereal entity?

 Stay tuned folks because the first stretch of the race starts off with a bang, then lulls a bit until a clear front runner shoots ahead. I predict Santorum will lose steam and be overtaken by a swell of support for Romney or perhaps Republicans everywhere will pull back a bit on their core ideas and stand behind Ron Paul. My money would go behind Paul as a possible winner against the President. The race isn’t over yet though. We may yet see a rebirth of the Perry campaign.  Iowa is just the beginning and many a candidate has survived being pulled down at the beginning only to rise to the top later. Lest we forget, Bill Clinton did lousy in the early days of the caucus race but pulled himself out of a hole to win the title ‘The Comeback Kid’ and made it through the White House door-two times. For now, sit back and sip your drink and watch’em go…….


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