The Freezing of Nads in the Mile High City

I had fully intended to leisure into downtown Denver this evening to witness that trainwreck I have come to know as the land of the political zombies. My better judgement took hold once I stamped around waiting for the evening train. A friend and avid reader of this blog was curious to get my take on the protesters stronghold and how they were holding up with sub-zero temperatures pulling into the Mile High city, what new (if any) developments have taken place, how many lay ill on the sidewalks, where is Eduardo? I have to decline for the evening as  am totally unprepared and too exhausted to forge to the scene where hopefully Miss Kay-tee is dishing out some hot grub for the street folk. I had a second pair of gloves in preparation but upon witnessing a latina woman at the train stop with uncovered hands I couldn’t pass up giving them to her. I still could have made my way downtown equipped with the small jacket I wore and my misift bag of tricks; an assortment of drugs and electronic devices which appears to be nothing more than a camera bag.

I convinced myself to retreat into my Fortress of Solitude and wade around the different stories being reported on line. For the past ongoing week or so local Denverites have been able to be entertained by the most recent breaking scandal involving (former) Arapahoe County Sheriff Pat Sullivan who is alleged in a sex for meth trade operation that has been going on for quite some time. Allegations include the possibility of the old law and order man being HIV positive and possibly spreading that nasty strain to some boys around town.  He apparently had been trading crank for sex to rehabilitating users which makes for some ripe holiday reading. His bail has been decreased so let’s see what happens next.

NASA have discovered a planet that scientists confirm as holding a life sustaining environment measuring 2.4 times the radius of Earth. The trouble is, this planet is 600 light years away which serves no use to us.  We can’t even make it to Mars yet. Poor NASA is pulling out as many PR stories as they can to re-invigorate public interest in their program but more and more the popular trend seems to be heading to outsource space exploration to the private sector.  Yes space colonization is too wise an option for our governing body to invest in, they are more akin to quick turnaround buck projects these days. I think the last time our government invested in a long term, quasi-successful plan was the savings bond

America continues it’s withdraw efforts from Iraq and today two bombs ripped through the city of Hilla, killing and injuring mostly women and children. Good fucking job on the ‘let’s hunt them over there so we don’t have to hunt them here’ strategy. One of the longest drawn out wastes of money our country has seen and it appears to be slipping back into the game of ‘Let’s Kill Some Shiites”. Iran is raising some eyes as well and may be getting ready for another tumble in the streets with the UK and other domestic forces, which means we (America) will have to get their backs for that one regardless of our own policies.

The big political news fired at us from the CNN website asks “Where Will Cain Supporters Go Now?” I’m sure if you throw a shiny coin down they’ll swarm around it. We have become ambassadors of the minute and will jump on board the quickest trend delivered via television or talk radio or internet news. Stay tuned folks because the Republican Party will not sit by idle for too long. They’ll get through the Christmas dinners and New Year’s parties but come early 2012 it will be back to the cesspool to dig up a fresh cadaver. We need more blood in this race, more gristle to chew on.

So in closing I sit here sipping coffee with a glass pipe perched in my mouth, and an abundance of entertaining events taking place around me that don’t involve me having to get on that late night downtown Denver train, for now. This weekend’s escapades wore me down after leaving a holiday party with a stomach full of 14 year old scotch and a huge glass of sipping whiskey only to get on the last bus of the evening that was filled with a Jewish bible study group for ‘special needs’ people. Jesus that creeped the hell out of me! I was trying to keep the liquor buzz going when all of a sudden this lady with coke bottle glasses who was listening to an Ipod (I hope) starts yelling out the lyrics to ” Knock Three Times” by Tony Orlando and Dawn; she looked in my eyes with this zeal, almost anger, that I had better join in or face a hard time about it. I grabbed my cell phone quick and faked a call to dodge that confrontation but for the rest of the ride until that group of sideshow riders got off, I kept my guard. Any sudden movements from her and I would probably have to break in with that Tony Orlando classic. Trust me, my avid reader, I will rest up and get back down to the protest site for a last of the year report but for now, I sit warm and waiting.


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