Herman Cain Bites the Dust While My Phone Speaks To Me

It’s a beautiful world we live in

a sweet romantic place

beautiful people everywhere

the way the show they care

-Devo ” Beautiful World”

Headlines smack off the New York Times website announce Herman Cain dropping out of the 2012 presidential election. Take him off the spit boys, this one’s done and ready to eat. Toss his carcass next to Barbara Bachmann and let’s get some fresh meat on the menu. Someone actually tried to argue with me that Bachmann still has a chance for nomination but no use going into that horror story now. I had been on a crosstown run sitting on the bus when the Cain news update passed over my phone; shortly after that I have received three different communications from different people in different parts of the country. What a truly remarkable era we live in folks. We may not have that flying car yet but all the other crazy inventions we tote around and use in our daily lives. Scheduling gadgets the size of your palm keep and set our daily routines, data transfer happens in the blink of an eye rather than at the speed of a mailed postcard.

While on the bus I begin thumbing through the latest issue of Westword, one of Denver’s leading publications, and looked over the various marijuana advertisements in the back. Eights selling a low as twenty five dollars, good ounces for one hundred seventy five. Free honey oil fused cone joint free with an purchase of a gram. Such a world may have been hoped for, but never conceived back in the seventies. Medical marijuana is paving the door to out and out legal use by adults and most people seem to be okay with it.

I looked at my phone and reread that story on Herman Cain who had finally had enough of reporters sniffing around his shorts and said enough is enough. This could very well wreck his professional and personal life, divorce might be forthcoming, but the news junkies type to each other on phones and blogs and spread the word with supersonic response time. People’s poll numbers told the Pizza king to bow down and he obeyed.  We as a country, under the democratic process of communicado electronica, have voted this man down the road and sit in waiting for a viable candidate to step out of the shadows to heal our nation. The biggest obstacle in finding and holding onto someone that qualified may be ourselves.

The riotous turnover in Egypt that grabbed power from the hands of Mubarek was helped in coordination by groups of students equipped with cell phones. World markets drop and rise faster than ever causing daily stress from investors in the Americas, Asia and Europe. The election of Barack Obama showed a new approach to political marketing by using online rallies and and vast numbers of younger voters jumped on board the Love Train that elected him.  A truly wonderful time, a remarkable world and a potentially dangerous catalyst for our world’s future. America is in the process of adapting to a worldwide society (from an economic standpoint) and like all nations now equipped with a bit of this modern warfare technology, people have the capacity to mass congregate and dictate via the internet. Our opinions relate to investors who, in turn, support a political system geared to make an advantageous buck from this knowledge. Supply and Demand politics now have the ability to lay out cash to ensure a saturated favor of their selected candidates. This isn’t just happening in Milwaukee folks, Australia to Edo are going through an economic shakeup and all the globe wonders who will help.  I forsee the ability to unleash revolt with coordinated effort coming over phone and internet lines of communication but will the underclass resort to this tactic? Smaller nations around the northern regions of Africa have shown success against a larger war machine than themselves with cell phone technology at hand but will disgruntled voters in Ohio pick up their Blackberrys in mass and storm city hall for change? Will breaking news stories to the public allocate enough quick damage to unseat under-qualified (or outright dangerous) presidential wanna-bes from the throne? It certainly has the potential; our country is jumping on the ‘text 213’  way to converse, almost impulsive in response. Laws that hire our leaders or govern our drug laws or suggest our wars are demanding a more rapid response so be on the ball and have your finger by the button.  We have the capability to change our future that grows quicker each  day. What a beauutiful world we live in.


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