What We Have Here is a Failure to Communicate

Watch waterfalls of pity roar,

You feel to moan but unlike before

You discover that you’d just be one more

Person crying

– Bob Dylan “It’s Alright Ma (I’m Only Bleeding)

 Take a good fifteen seconds of your life and stare at the picture atop this post and ask yourself if this is the face that will turn the tide on our nation’s woes. Now picture in your mind, an image of fifteen beef fed police officers equipped with pepper spray and a baton, and convince me that the guitar playing kid has one chance in hell against them. Occupy plagues throughout the U.S. are being squelched or held at bay by our elected official’s henchmen and women. Cities like Atlanta, Denver, Indianapolis and Oregon have the ability to schedule a cleanup of protesters any given day they deem the infection to be at a critical state. Sometimes I feel they do it just because they love to get a big group of ants together before smashing them with their boot; not so big as to cause any harm to their fighting forces, but big enough to intimidate the wary looking inhabitants of makeshift tent homes looming on our streets.

New York got cleaned out and came back with a slow turnout. New York is one of the bigger circuses to date, like something out of One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest; a bunch of babbling incoherency on the fast track to nowhere. Your message is being lost, oh Occupy fodder, because any sane individual looking out over your fluxuating crowd sees a form of anarchy without direction. Signs tout slogans demanding everything from jailing Wall Street bankers to giving out free homes to anyone without a home to arresting war criminals. All good causes I’m sure but why don’t we put everything in order of priority and knock off one problem at a time? Who could possibly solve or address any of these issues when they are being propped up and thrown away before any citizen can understand what the hell they just witnessed?

Another suggestion I have is to mix it up a bit and stop being so predictable. I have no problem figuring out where the throwdown in Denver will happen. I just get on the light rail and haul myself down to the corner of Broadway and Colfax and voila! Zombies and cops, cops and zombies. All this seems to be accomplishing so far is having people avoid traffic while driving or hurt any small business ability to draw a seasonal buying crowd to their store. The last time I spoke with the zombies of Denver, Jim ( an unemployed cable man who has been with the movement in Denver since the beginning) said they were preparing to launch a new strategy. The protesters would find homes in foreclosure and protest on private property dwellings to have loan companies bring proof of loan ownership and/or validity of documented agreement(s) signed by the buyer of said property . Sounds like a good idea to me. Plus throwing the game plan around a bit will certainly keep city officials on their toes. Don’t just protest in front of your Government building, set up camp in the suburb somewhere and watch the people go out of their minds. You may gain some new support from individuals who haven’t had the opportunity to see a plague of demonstrators in their home town. It got one of my daughters psyched up to the point of wanting to stay down there and get her butt sprayed and arrested. God love the young and their zeal. I should hold her down and mace her for educational purposes.

Just remember you would-be champions of our nation. Staying power is one thing but predictability gets very little support or accomplished. Also, focus on the main issues and collaborate with one another. I know you pride yourself on having no leader to this movement but if no one tells the soldiers where to march they may all just wander off in different directions. I personally feel we, as a nation, want to hold off on giving out those free homes. Let’s get the job crisis addressed. Let’s find some corrupt corporate and governmental motherfuckers and toss them in jail. Let the smaller stuff slide for now. Don’t worry about your shoe being untied when your head is on fire.


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