Something Wicked This Way Comes

You got to hidey-hide

You got to jump and run

-John Fogerty “The Old Man Down The Road”

 I thought we would have until February of 2012 before the real freakshow began to unmask itself but here it is not even December and the madness begins. Strange reports keep hitting the airwaves leaving us wondering who exactly is creating this piece of political fiction. Is it the alignment of planets or merely the inbreeding of society that has caused so many mutants to rise up before us as possible leaders of the free world. Europe has no answers; their economy is going down the tubes as fast as ours here in the states. Japanese households feel the economic pinch of every day life, Italy is being forced to pay record rates, Angela Merkel’s Germany is pessimistic about the future, cats chasing dogs…it’s hell out there folks.

The reports came flooding in and news agencies couldn’t decide which story to throw out there first. Representative Barny Frank  (D Mass.) said he’s had it, after 45 years of playing politics he will hang up his hat next year and not seek re-election. That story was quickly undercut to make way for Newt Gingrich, Story of the Hour. Newt was given a warm uprising with quick reports that placed him as the front runner on the Republican’s platform. For now, the white haired ex-House Speaker is on top, rising through the ashes of Michell Bachmann, Hermann Cain and Rick Perry. Perry struck out with a series of stuttering flaws reminiscent of the Late Great George W. Bush and Cain now has another woman’s tryst to deal with-and the best part about it, her name is White! Ginger White, could you get any more Caucasian a moniker than that? Cain’s sleeping with white women folks that doesn’t sound good for the party that knocks moral values of that caliber…yet somehow Gingrich’s infidelities seem to slip by with a quiet turn of the head, ignoring the large 800 pound gorilla in the room. So Newt slips by Cain and Perry and then there’s Bachmann but no one is turning to her. They won’t trust her with a pack of matches so Newt knows he has this one so far. Throw all the other GOP wannabes out the window cause they don’t stand a chance against the man who sat side by side with Ronald Fucking Reagan and made it his personal responsibility to annihilate the Democrats.

Of course some will still take a wary finger and point it toward Mitt Romney but I tend to agree with Gingrich who uttered these words in Charleston, South Carolina; “I’m not perfect, yet I’m better than Romney”. Oustanding. That’s the kind of circus we all want to see coming out of the Grand Old Party. What next? Does he stand up in Alabama and declare “I’m not perfect, but I ain’t chasing white women”. Yes send in the clowns, we all want to be entertained for a while; at least during the Christmas season when most of us are wondering where we are going to squeeze enough money together to buy a present for one another. We all want a break from our financial woes so why not entertain us with bickering mongoloids that jab a finger at one another and accomplish absolutely nothing? Our own personal Punch and Judy show, political heavies slapping one another with large paddles, what fun!

Yes it’s all fun and games for the moment but remember. January 1 2012 is coming up quick and these old Republicans better get a winning candidate to stand up and deliver a real haymaker if they expect to overthrow the incumbent. Take notice at the lack of push and strain coming from the Democrats. Those guys are just quietly sitting in the corner waiting to see which opponent comes after them. They don’t want to make any sudden moves or the might give away their strategy, their winning right-left combo to ensure another 4 years for their side. Just be ready, oh tribe of the Donkey, because something wicked this way comes and if you’re not careful…..


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