Pre Thanksgiving Zombie Talks pt. 2: A Cacophony of Idealists

I slowly made my way into the pulse of activity taking in all this sideshow had to offer. Police presence was at bare minimum which explained the small group of younger college sorts on the corner gathering to smoke some pot. I brushed into them at which point they felt they’d pull one over on this old thug. Some girl wore eyeliner that looked as if she applied it with an industrial Sharpie. She smiled and stood there with this goofy grin holding her glass pipe. Her friend or boyfriend or boytoy looked at me and said “yeah we’re having some great tobacco products here” . Lame. I grabbed the pipe from the girl and lit up. They were shocked as shit but didn’t try to stop me, in fact had me stay with them a while and join in. I found out that they weren’t really here for the protest, just hung out here because it was a safe place for them to blend in and get high. Point taken.

The real hard core zombies didn’t seem to be worried about them one way or the other and after a few bowls I furthered my investigation into the crowd. The fluorescent lights from the Denver Post lit the sky and I viewed huddled sleeping bag encampments here and there in the park. No tents, just bags and figures in parkas and overcoats stooped around each other in conversation. The main strip, as I refer to it, is a wide sidewalk where the main group supporters and carnies gather, dudes on bikes doing tricks, wandering souls who babble to themselves, care-giving providers handing out plates of spaghetti and turkey (much better meals than the gruel I saw them munching last time I was down here). The sidewalk bore inscriptions in chalk, myriad thoughts and ideas scrawled down by the unseen hands of the undead; such memorable statements as ‘MLK used direct action’, ‘cops are terrorists’, Obama is a war criminal’, ‘one love’, Saint Paul is a sexist’, ‘oppression is everywhere’, and my favorite quote etched on the sidewalk, ‘poop on peace nazis’.

I managed some good conversation with a number of individuals who I noticed have been down here at Broadway and Colfax since the beginning of the protest in Denver. Rick, an unemployed cable worker has been here throughout the whole ordeal with a zeal and energy that seems equal to someone jacked up on three or four Red Bulls. His stamina is relentless and he will talk your ear off if you let him. His sarcastic take on the entire bankers/large corporation corruption has limitless ability to point his finger and shout down ‘the man’. Another regular is a thirty two year old professional homeless man (as he calls himself) named Aaron who made a point to talk with me and see what the hell I was doing down there. My guard was up because the last thing I wanted was to talk to someone who would pull me into the Zombie Ring, a ritual I had seen happen down here on a number of occasions. My first witness of the Zombie Ring took place back when Eagle Force Five (see earlier blog posts for reference to Eagle Force Five) spewed out their credo before me and my friend Emilio. Imagine the Cub Scout oath being given by someone on speed who didn’t know when to stop; that’s the Zombie Ring. Aaron, the professional homeless man referred to it as the ‘Occupy circle jerk’. Good analogy. Then there was Miss Kayte and her friend, a duo of overzealous caregivers handing out food and water to anyone who walked by. Kayte (pronounce Kay-Tee) shoved a large plate of steaming spaghetti in my face and began to talk and overtalk her friend as they both tried to explain their purpose down here. It really was touching to see how many people are down here to care for the front line soldiers that stay here day after day, week after week. A couple of younger kids from Oregon walked up and donated a huge bag of chocolate chip cookies to the cause; that’s the kind of support this group is getting. There are splinters of humane care being donated to try and keep the drive alive but my concern continues to be, what the fuck do these people want done? More investigation was needed. I left Katie who told me he doesn’t shake hands, she only gives out hugs-I being a hapheophobiac certainly found this uneasy…thank god I smoked pot earlier to calm my ass down.


1 Response to “Pre Thanksgiving Zombie Talks pt. 2: A Cacophony of Idealists”

  1. 1 Mic
    11/24/2011 at 8:21 pm

    The story continues with an interesting cast of characters! What about Ed, the drunken pirate..has he fallen away with Chips Ahoy?

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