Pre-Thanksgiving Zombie Talks and the Return of Eduardo

It was easier than I thought to remember the conversations I had with the downtown Denver protesters. The absinthe I took in later that night left me groggy but not damaged. I can see why Lautrec and other artists used to get messed up on that juice. I went to see some friends band play at a downtown bar and jokingly told the waitress if they didn’t carry absinthe I just wanted club soda. She said they did carry the lethal stuff so I ended up drinking a few and enjoying the night’s events. Absinthe is definitely the drink of the damned.

What started the whole thing off was a call from my latino henchman, Eduardo, a thick necked South American (I assume) abomination that for some reason continues to amuse and amaze me. He had been arrested a while back and I hadn’t heard from him in a while. He called me and said he was ready to go downtown and see how the ‘Occupy pussies’, as he calls them, were doing. This sounded good to me a I had not seen the crowd of political zombies in a while and wondered how they were holding up with colder nights approaching and the feast of the turkey holiday tomorrow. The main thing was to make sure my friend was sober; he is a mean drunk to put it politely. One of those people who is really somewhat reserve when he’s straight but give him a head full of liquor and the beast comes alive in him. I told Eduardo I would meet him down there and planned my trip via light rail train to that all too familiar setting across from the state capital. I wondered if the tents would be set up in force or if it would be another low-show out there on the streets. Darkness was setting in and my objective was to hook up with Ed and talk to some protesters, get an update on how the movement was going.

Hunting my friend down took. I found him in a corner liquor store fighting with some Korean woman about the price of this booze he wanted. Bad luck, he’d been drinking. I could see that red rimmed glaze in his eyes and knew I wanted to lose him as soon as possible. I didn’t have time to see what the status was down on Broadway and Colfax but my gut said there probably was no hard core rioting gong down. Had there been police in the streets with clubs and pepper spray then yes, by all means, the monster inside Eduardo would be welcome but I wasn’t going to risk it until I saw what was happening at the protest site. He got pissed off at the lady and tipped over a big display of  snacks and stuff leaving me there with this poor Korean woman to clean up the mess. He looked back to see if I was coming but I felt bad just leaving this mess there for the lady to clean up so I helped her while he slowly walked down the street. He kept looking back expecting me to run after him but I felt obligated to clean up the mess he made. Now he was starting to piss me off so if he wandered off in a drunken stupor, so be it.

I apologized to the lady who didn’t quite grasp the English that was coming out of my mouth and left the liquor store to head down to Zombie Central before the cold night air hit. Eduardo was somewhere out there, probably fisting his way into some other fine establishment. I do feel like Enfield sometimes, retelling his horror story encounter with Dr. Jekyll, only to be confronted moments later by Hyde. Eduardo can change at the flip of a coin which really makes for a juggling act on my part. So now I headed to that familiar street crossing and found a lull of activity. Three patrol cars stood by Civic Center Park and fifty to sixty zombies were on the scene with signs, sleeping bags and one annoying guy playing with one of those juggling sticks. The mood seemed calm as I walked by the all too familiar line of mummies wrapped in blankets and extra clothing with little puffs of cigarette smoke billowing out of their war torn faces. Most had been here from the beginning of this event and time was taking its toll on them. You could see that dullness in their eyes, like cataracts, while they stared off into space or read paperback books. I had time later to talk with them if need be, right now I wanted to get into the main vein of the group to see what new news they could give me on this night before Thanksgiving.


1 Response to “Pre-Thanksgiving Zombie Talks and the Return of Eduardo”

  1. 1 Mic
    11/24/2011 at 5:11 pm

    So, what is next for our wacky duo?

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