Election 2012: Someone Explain This To Me

Democracy is the road to Socialism

-Karl Marx

I really need to get a stronger drug pumping through my collapsing veins to deal with this upcoming election. Maybe heroin is the way to go, fog out in an ethereal existence while these covert powers of corruption and world dominance run the place. A lot of energy is being pumped into a flacid populace which can’t seem to get it up in order to  thwart these monsters.

Just a few pontifications to munch on folks and if someone has a valid response to these dribbling points I bring up, pass it along because I think the questions themselves got lost in the shuffle. Rather than facing a systematic flaw our society keeps finger pointing back and forth at one another, thus overlooking the real spectre of our government. Both left and right affiliates want to accuse the other party of being the problem when as I see it, they both share in some blame. Power is a sweet narcotic and every Representative of House Member, Senator, Governor or School Board Official is a junkie. If we voters don’t hold their feet close enough to the fire we can’t blame them for running amok.

So here’s are those points I mentioned. It’s stated that Russia actually has a more direct Presidential election process than America (source: How Stuff Works) because they rely on the popular vote rather than an electoral vote process like we do here in the states. So if this is the case, why does everyone tout the importance of the singular vote power? The Bush/Gore election should have been a prime example to hold up and say the Electoral College is outdated, we need a new process, yet what ended up happening instead is we hired a bunch of political goons to wave a magnifying glass over a huge sum of chad laden voter cards to make it look all official. Why would they be that meticulous over a punched hole n a piece of paper when hug amounts of votes were found sinking n the swamps down in Florida and no one cared to bring that into play.

Another point to ponder: The 2008 Presidential Campaign cost over 4 billion dollars to put on and it’s going to get worse. The Supreme Court ruled in favor of Citizens United to recognize corporations as people so now political contributions to candidates will grow like cancer. Untouchable moguls will prop up their favored poster boy (or girl) and guarantee a shady stroll into office where personal rights of the common folk will have very little resistance in such matters. You think human rights are fucked up in China, just wait. Beijing has certainly seen it’s days of dystopian living but our nation is a baby by comparison and hasn’t begun to fathom the depths of misery they have. If people here are naive enough to believe we’re stronger willed because we are the land of the free and the home of the brave they better be prepared to back that up with some hard core civil disobedience-armed. Unless our nation has the ability to coordinate acts of non-violent protest akin to what Ghandi brought to his country, I see no way of turning things around without a little crash and dash on our Congress doorsteps.

Last, I would like to know who starts the ball rolling on a particular candidate and decides they are the favored individual to be propped up before the masses as our best hope at running this country. Newt Gingrich, really? Is that the best the GOP can come up with? Out of our entire population, from the most dim witted soul to the most intelligent, wisest of them all, the Republican party could only drum up this fat fuck who ran out on his deathbed wife as a champion? Nice call guys, my trust falls well within the limits of paranoia now. Time to once again rethink my opening comment about heroin lulled complacency. Democrats are doing no better, they wish to keep their win by default status hung on a banner of accomplishment and leave it at that. Where the hell’s the health care initiative? Why hasn’t the President just reached over and bitch slapped John Boehner? That esteemed Toad from the great state of Ohio has caused more political upheaval than should be stomached and everyone sits by idly and lets him get away with it. Does John really hold that much power? Is the great state of Ohio such a Goliath that we as a nation can’t defeat it’s elected representatives?

I do hope someone can get back with some valid explanations or if not, a more suitable way to handle this problem our country faces. 2012 election is right around the corner and I really don’t cherish the thought of going on the ‘nod’, but…..



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