Like a Phoenix Rising; My Nihilist Ways

I spit out like a sewer hole

yet still receive your kiss

how can I measure up to anyone now

-The Who “Who Are You”

 Clinical depression may rest deep inside me but I’m too paranoid to go have it checked. I swore off writing any more entries to this blog and fell into the depths of gloom handed straight to me from the Greek God Moros. Not only was the readership of the Church’s ramblings quite low but my editorial opinion of recent events with the Occupy Wall Street/Denver left a very close acquaintance so upset with me that they shut off communication with me due to my ‘nihilist’ attitude. As the old adage goes, opinions are like assholes, but mine seemed to be the only one smelling.

What really ruptured my morale was the disservice I seemed to be creating. My intention was to give my point of view on the political spectrum and was looking forward to the 2012, end-of-the-world election (for more about the end of the world, see the Mayan calendar which ends that year….I’m pretty sure because they just got bored with it or ran out of room on the stone wheel). Politics are such a narcotic. No matter who ends up in charge they always bring about scandal and humor for me. My one statement description of politics has become ‘monkeys chasing monkeys’, which apparently gives me the status of such thinkers as Albert Camus….some might see this as being in great company but the apathy of most nihilist points of view seem a bit strong to be lashing onto my persona. I’m just an aging drug addled observer who takes neither side of the fence too serious.

Nihilist? I prefer to think of it more as Taoist. I don’t try that hard to change the world because I know I alone can’t do it. I accept the bigoted philosophy of the hard right wing Conservative as part of the Yin to the free spirit, accept everyone left wing Yang. One tribe of monkeys gets the stick and starts chasing the other tribe to beat the crap out of them; somewhere along the way the monkey drops the stick and a member from the other tribe picks it up, then chases the opposition down. It’s a cyclical drama that has no end. Like a thermostat on our civilization, we swing far one way only to eventually go back the other. This pendulum bob from utopia to dystopia will be with our world long after we’re dead and gone.

I had a group of comrades shake me to my senses and insist I bring the Church of the Ass Bleeding Morons back to life; another note of clarification. Someone mistook my titling this blog as such so I feel a bit of explanation should be given. The reason I refer to the consortium of individuals who frequent this blog as a ‘church’ is because I am a mail order preacher. Years ago, in a effort to prove the hilarity of our society’s ability to sell anything, I mailed my twelve dollars to the American Fellowship Church of Monterey, California, and became an ordained minister. During my time in the service my squadron even allowed me to wear a Pastor’s cross on my uniform.The reference to ‘ass-bleeding morons’ is from my perception that we as a society continue to be prison raped by our government leaders, leaving us a nation of weeping butt sore individuals whose only comfort may be in our own companionship.

So as for being a nihilist, perhaps you could view me as such. I don’t think I’ll start running through the streets throwing dynamite yelling “blow it all up!”…..for now. Most of my attention is to provide entertaining writing, not fix the world. Enjoy my ramblings and let it evoke the creative process in each of you that may drive an idea to spring forth. Fight evil when you confront it, laugh at yourself and don’t take it too serious…..and pick up the stick.


1 Response to “Like a Phoenix Rising; My Nihilist Ways”

  1. 1 John Stoughton
    11/13/2011 at 9:44 pm

    Dave – I am reminded of two of my favorite cultural icons – The Big Lebowski and Hunter S. Thompson. The first where Walter reminds the Dude (and Donnie) “No, Donny, these men are nihilists, there’s nothing to be afraid of.” The second where HST used the most evocative writing to remind us all of what there is to fear and loathe. Thanks man…

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