Cut or Fish Bait


“If you don’t know where you are going,

any road will get you there.”

– Lewis Carroll

  Local elections came and went with hardly a breath of recognition for the common folk. Unless your home town sits in the midst of  some local catastrophe I imagine quite a few elected officials tip-toed their way into office. The big fight, Presidential election, the whole hunk of cheese, seems to be at the pulse of most election followers. Both of the big dogs in this battle (aka, Republican and Democrats) are chomping at the bit to get in their and secure the Oh Twelve seat; problem is, both sides carry no heavy hitter to this contest. Republicans have brought us a string of freaks while the opposing Dems huddle around the President wondering if he is strong enough to go the full twelve rounds.

 There is even some mention of committees looking into how Hillary Clinton might stack up as a possible alternative to President Obama. Sure, why not? Throw some more meat into the arena; it will all get sorted out at some point. Everyone watching the television or preying in on talk radio chatter loves to play “America’s Next Scariest Leader”. Republicans cling tightly to the coat tails of Herman Cain hoping they don’t have to abandon him for reasons of sexual promiscuity. Michele Bachmann, if I am not mistaken, is clinically insane so that shoves her out of the way. Mitt Romney is certainly insane as well but they aren’t letting go of him yet. Romney is insane like James Bond’s nemesis, Dr. No; powerful crazy and maybe crazy enough to overthrow the incumbent. All the other Republicans are pure wash outs. If you woke up tomorrow and lived in a world where Newt Gingrich was actually President you’d shoot yourself-twice.

Switching to the reported Democratic candidates for 2012 ( source: posted on http://2012.democratic-candidates.org/) we have Barack Obama and Randall Terry. I’ll go to Terry first because he will be the easiest to eliminate. If you woke up tomorrow and lived in a world where Randall Terry was actually President you’d visit your friends who didn’t vote for Terry and allow them to shoot you. This leaves us with our current President.

 The youth of our country and the Obama electronic campaign machine helped spur him on to victory last election but many of those same supporters are losing Hope and need to see more of that Change. Obama can put on a good fight as we saw in 2008 but for the benefit of all, I truly wish he would lay down some gangster domain and play hard ball with his lackeys in Congress. George W. Bush wouldn’t put up with his opponents in the House and Senate going against him, and Bush was a dullard. Reagan would never allow his plans to be stymied, he was Ronald Fucking Reagan by God and his will would be done. Even Nixon ran amuck pulling stunts that never would fly by today’s standard of governing. Nixon had John Lennon investigated…what kind of a cold blooded reptile would do something like that?

 Prepare for the brawl, Barack Hussein Obama. Winter draws nigh and this isn’t any tag team match-certainly not with Joe Biden in your corner; you’re on your own guy. You can take these Republican pussies, they’re a bunch of misfits and psychos, but get tough. Get busy. Leave little doubt that you are the man for the job. If you continue on this path of  bi-partisan approval for every act you wish to present before Congress, your success rate of accomplishments will be only slightly bigger than it is today. Tick tock tick tock. The year has almost ended and that leads to the final stretch of the race, the twelfth round of the fight. Be ready.


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