A Live Band’s Electronic Message; Mummies Line the Street

“I’ll send an S.O.S. to the world

I’ll send an S.O.S. to the world”

-Message in a Bottle, the Police

 Technology is great. I was on my way north of Denver to watch a live performance by the local band, Tequila Mockingbird and managed to get lost on the way up there. Technology allowed me to punch a button on my phone and have some smooth voiced female electronica lead me where I needed to be, complete with street road visuals. Technology allowed me to receive a message on a home computer from the band informing me when and where they would be playing. Technology allowed me to snap a shot of them as they played and then send that image in a message to anyone else in the world within a matter of minutes.  This is the kind of futuristic means of communication and facilitation the Occupy Wall Street, et al, need to employ in order to gain a more effective assault on their opponents.

I managed to make it up to Arvada, Colorado, a nice little night life scene up there with entertainment and booze, dancing for the drunk, good times for all. Getting lost on the way shouldn’t have been too surprising to me, my head was swimming in a sea of hard knocking antihistamines. These were the kind you have to sign for at the counter and show I.D., the ‘do not operate heavy machinery’ kind. I was in an amphetamine-like mindset thinking about the protestors in downtown Denver freezing their asses for the cause. The whole reason for the drive up here was to watch and support this band. Small gig performers work hard at what they do for weekend crowds and I was more than happy to give my support. Thanks to my phone’s GPS I made it to the lounge on time. I Once there I told the lady at the door collecting cover that I was supposed to get in, full carte blanche, as a guest of the lead singer and band. They didn’t believe me but after a few words and a stare down they allowed me in with no more questions. It was evident they didn’t want to see this beast angry.

As the music venue ended and the wee morning hours came about I once again pondered the mob downtown and thought I should drive by to see what state the circus down there was in.  Just a fast drive over and if they were chanting in the streets or hurling molotovs maybe I’d stop and stretch my legs. The scene (if you’ve read any of my past blog entries) is a roller coaster of dedication; some days you can find a fairly active group, other days they appear lethargic and small. This Friday night, close to one in the morning, I saw no zombies out there pacing the curbs of that busy intersection with signs and moans of anger. What appeared now were between thirty and fifty plastic wrapped mummies on the cold ground bracing for an evening of freezing temperatures. The poor devils had dug in for the evening and now concentrated on keeping off the chill. You have to give them credit for their dedication. Not many people would want to be sleeping out there, cause or no cause.

Not enough people pass by that group at Broadway and Colfax to see the plight these Occupy Denver protestors are undergoing. This will be the downfall of their search for public support if nothing is done to bolster the numbers out there. If only the mob could manage to grasp on a technology to reach the folks sitting at home and tell them what is happening, but where could they find such advanced machinery?

Maybe at their local store anywhere n the U.S.?

Blending into the electronic age has its advantages when it comes to communication. You can use the fantastic technology to send people everywhere pictures of a monkey scratching his ass and smelling it, or you can use it to show footage of cops spraying people down with pepper spray. You can write and distribute stories of misappropriation and corporate scandal or you can send videos showing some chubby kid wave a Star Wars sabre around. The choice is yours, Occupy Denver, use it or lose it. If you refuse to make these marvelous devices a part of your campaign then you are destined to small numbers of enthusiasts who follow you. Even if you were to go out tomorrow and cause some really hell bent protest (Oakland) the event ends up being more filler on the web, a story passed along within a matter of moments, for the world to view and then forget. Fine tune an approach that has you updating facts and events dedicated to your cause on a daily basis, broaden your internet presence. With each individual you get to spread the word via email, web pages, blogs and Tweets, this drive to have some governing body look into and investigate the allegations you speak of is more attainable.

You can’t push most people off the couch, you have to make them want to get off the couch. You are fighting a monster known as ‘America’s Got Talent’ or ‘ America’s Top Model’ or ‘America’s Drone Monkey Scratching His Ass and Smelling It’. It’s a different beast than you’re used to so you’d better study the tactics your enemy has been using to enslave the masses. Reasonably sane and intelligent people are developing anti-social behavior which takes the human interactive process away. They start to forget how to interact with one another so be prepared to pull citizens out of a virtual realm into your world-and use the electronic marvels we now have to reach them. Citizens are scared of mummies and will not want to approach you until they can trust you. If they see you, you’re screwed. Coax them by allowing them to know your ideals, then invite them to join in and take to the streets. You’ll reach more people by utilizing the means of communication they have become comfortable with.


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