Insurrection Rising; the Shadow of Michael Moore

I was born landless

yes it’s tha native son

born of Zapata’s guns

stroll thru the shanties

and the cities remains

same bodies buried hungry

but with different last names

-Calm Like a Bomb, Rage Against the Machine

 They’re mixing it up in Oakland folks. The zombies got their warface on and are beginning the surge that will take place in a dozen odd cities throughout the US. As goes California, so goes the rest of the country (eventually). Someone mistook my dubbing of the activists as ‘political zombies’ to mean I mocked them. This is the farthest thing from my implication. Those bastards are as tough as nails and like a zombie, they keep coming back.

 Locally here in Denver Colorado I have seen the tide of protest ebb and flow from a mounting mob to a trickle of individuals. My last venture down to Broadway and Colfax (see my earlier post “Winter Looms on the Political Zombie; Hell Freezes Over”) left me with little hope that the movement could continue yet reports coming in have shown the group of Occupy Denver undead are spawning once again. As luck (or good PR) would have it, famed film maker/political guru Michael Moore came to town for a book signing and made a point to swing by the downtown group to give them a thumbs up and a hearty pat on the back. “There is no leader in this movement” he told the crowd over a bullhorn, “which is why it’s such a large and growing movement.” Opponents will certainly want to mock his gesture and slant his intentions. I feel that regardless of Moore’s rising thorn in the side of right-wing opposition, his huge shadow thrown over a crowd is enough to resurrect them. Like some bronze bull god he manages to pump the fever back in people and drive them forward.

 My conversation with advocates of the tent town inhabitants show a growing number of them are in agreement with the crowd. Where the advocates fall short is when it comes to taking action.  Spending one weekend afternoon down there on the battlefield would make a world of difference in this civil action. It doesn’t take that much effort. Park the car, ride the Light Rail, take a bus or ride a bike. Your mere presence will show a true measure of support to stop the lack of action by our political leaders and force them to get off their sallow asses and do something. I’ve wandered down there a number of times, half out of my mind on meds and liquor and found it to be as enjoyable and less costly than most bars in LoDo. A great time for all and you’ll be part of a growing canker sore on the lip of politicians everywhere.

 Now the Occupy folks may still be lacking an idea to solve all the problems this country has fallen into but I believe this is no longer the ultimate responsibility of those protesting. Someone will be able to come along and offer a valid solution to helping our nations economy and jobless dilemma. Necessity is the mother of invention and Oakland has shown the world that there is a necessity out there to cure this cancer. Watch the flaming bottles being tossed out there; they want action. If you gather in the streets with them some up and coming man or woman will devise with a plan. The first step is to admit we have a problem and not enough of us are out there joining in the dance with the zombies. I say go down there and let them munch on your brains, become one of them. Let the numbers multiply. We can’t rely on the Michael Moores of our society. The adversarial talk shows and talk show hosts will take him down limb by limb but there is no way they can withstand the force of an angry mob.


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