Winter Looms on the Political Zombies; Hell Freezes Over

“So What?

Who Cares?

Gotta Put a Handle

On Your Fears

A Man Comes and a Man Goes

And He Always Leaves Alone

-The Tubes “Only The Strong Survive”

 I had to go look at the car wreck. I had to see what was left of the Occupy Denver group. I’ve been going down there for quite a while now, checking in on the ups and downs of their plight to political justice. Until now the weather has been a bit nippy for the congregated assembly of would-be patriots and general antagonists, but nothing more harsh than you might imagine at a college football game. Grab a coat and you’ll be fine. After last weeks dance downtown (see earlier posts, “Nipping at Their Heels” part 1 and 2) between the angry mob and Denver’s Finest, compiled with a fresh layer of wet snow, I had to wonder whether the strong would remain there in protest despite the weather conditions and the dismantling of their tent village. Zombies are resilient I told myself, You knock’em down and they want to keep coming at you. They’re slow, but persistent so I needed to check in and see if they would hold the ranks till Hell froze over.

 Apparently Hell froze over. The one hundred plus presence of the Denver Police Department was a no show, and need not worry as the Occupy Denver mob had been taken down to a handful of disciples. The large crowd that was shouting down the gas masked brigade last week was no longer present. It did appear as if someone were trying to get the cantina open again to provide gruel for the undead but it was pretty much a wet no-show. This is not a good sign as the real hard core months of snow and bitter cold temperatures have yet to fall upon the Mile High City.

 God love that mongrel patch of survivors. They are trying with all their heart despite the fair weathered approach most supporters have taken. Will they rise again to numbers even more solid than last week? Will support for their initiative, whatever that might be, grow and multiply? What was truly sad was that I heard announced this morning before going down there (CBS news radio) that congressional members decided to vote to do nothing about stimulating the economy so as to ‘study it’. They decided to do something by doing nothing. Outstanding you numb nuts, way to get something done. Let’s sit back and watch what happens when we let unemployment linger and don’t do anything and rely on the private sector to clean this one up. It’s worked well so far, hasn’t it?

 It’s really sad to watch this back and forth game of politics but the most successful protests in our country have moved slow. Johnson was there to get large numbers of our boys in Vietnam and despite the multiple nation wide acts of protest, it wasn’t until years later that we pulled out of there. These zombies need to get a good taste of human flesh before they go on a frenzied attack. They have the ability but do they have the endurance? They should be paying a bit more attention to protest success as seen over in other countries where the dance gets real serious, real fast. Tripoli had to take on Momar Ghadafi, Mr. Terrorism Himself, and they stuck to it and got something accomplished. Egypt put up a hell of a scuffle and changed things around for themselves.  It may be time to take it up a notch because the more you fuss and fight, the less funding cities will have to stop uprisings and then, maybe then, they will listen.

 Sure they’ll listen…when Hell freezes over.


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