Attack of the Dark Sith; the Fall of Eagle Force Five

Emilio and I continued to watch the growth of the newly formed group. Junior college and college aged night crawlers began to multiply at a mundane rate and before long, this gathered Dark Sith of youth were large enough and strong enough to take out the older Eagle Force Five. A learned irony of life we all face; the energy of youth is wasted on the young. The poor old zealots of EFF didn’t have the stamina or support from those gathered and the younger uprising rabble had no direction. Okay, the older group didn’t have much direction either but I feel they would have bound themselves in support to a strong uprising had one developed.

Then I began to hear the wailing cry of an electric guitar being fed through a cheap amplifier with the speaker about ready to give. That same awful music I heard weeks when I came down here. Damn, I wish my friend Eduardo was here, that maniac came here with me last week and he was practically uncontrollable. I would love to turn Eduardo loose on that guy and his guitar. I don’t know if it was the magical strings playing through that cheap speaker but something, at that moment, caused the sea of people out there on Broadway and  Colfax to stir. The ring of the Dark Sith began to move toward Eagle Force Five and I feared (or hoped for?) a confrontation. I imagined it would be nothing violent, just painfully embarrassing to watch.

I called that one right on the money. The Dark Sith allied with Eagle Force Five and soon a new group of, maybe twenty five or so, stood in unison with one another to form the Dark Eagle Force Sith of Five or The Dark Five Force of Eagle Sith or whatever the hell you wanted to call them. So who would they choose to rally the troops together for a strategic coup? Would the balding pudgy fuck from Eagle Force Five take control? Did the Dark Sith have some Euro-tramp student ready and willing to take the reigns? It happened so fast that neither Emilio or me knew where this guy came from but we heard the voice and knew he had the charisma, the voice to lead on a mass of eager followers; a mature black man! Perfect!

This new leader proved to be more than either of us could handle. He was leading the crowd in a pledge which involved such nonsensical demands of oath as ‘if someone starts to talk you down, simply ignore them’ and similar ridiculous mantras. That was the point we decided to leave. No heads would be cracked tonight, no flaming cocktails in the street. This was a political temper tantrum at best. As we left I noticed a sticker someone had placed on a light pole next to the park where we said adieu to the Dark Sith and Eagle Force Five and all the other political zombies huddled in their sleeping bags living the hell most of us would not suffer. The sign said ‘boycott shit to kill stocks’. Out fucking standing. Boycott shit is about as direct as they could be. That was the problem here all along and continues to be the problem for their effort. No one is going to rally around a bunch of morons who don’t even know what the hell they’re doing out there or what they want to accomplish. If you leave the strategy of your political pursuit in the hands of an aging Dungeon Master who hasn’t been in mixed company for over a decade, can you really expect a mob strong resistance to develop? One tap of pepper spray and a crowd that size would disperse within minutes.

If the Occupy Denver people or similar groups throughout our country really want to accomplish something, the first thing they need to do is get rid of the carnival folk. No one is going to jump on the bandwagon with a group of misfits like that. If they can’t cure their own sanity, how can they fix the country’s insanity? Another critical point is to make sure they know what they want to fix and how they would go about doing it. Boycotting shit is not a very well thought out plan. War profit equals crimes against humanity is not a very solid protest campaign. A lot of people in this country are hurting right now but if you lead them astray and force them to join you in a march alongside a cacophony of mutants, I promise you, nothing will be achieved. You will lose.


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