Eagle Force Five, You Have Failed Us Again!

So if you wanna live

a nice quiet life

do yourself a favor

don’t come out at night

-Whodini “Freaks Come Out atNight”

 It was Emilio who first spotted them. I was still adjusting to the night air and the general feeling of sympathetic giggling brought on by a large amount of medicinal marijuana and the (no more than) one hundred lost souls wandering amidst the refuse known as the ‘Occupy Denver Movement’. Just weeks ago they had made their initial plunge into some cat and mouse game with the Denver Police who gave them a nice taste of pepper spray. Nothing to damaging, more a polite little gesture to let the crowd know they were being  watched.

On my last trip to beautiful downtown Denver (see earlier blog “Return to the Land of the Political Zombies”) I left with a feeling that retaliation had to be close at hand. Certainly the shoving match they got into before with cops would bolster their fighting spirit. I anticipated a scene from years gone by at Berkley and other infamous locations of public unrest. What me and Emilio witnessed with was a satirical group of burn outs, aged protestors with little steam left in them and a playground mentality that permeated throughout the vicinity. The last time I had driven by the protestors that had set up camp on the east lawn of the capital building. Since that time they had been forced to move across the street into the public park. A gauntlet of Denver’s finest stood guard weeks ago to ensure the protestors didn’t weave their way back to their old location; tonight I saw the number of officers had been whittled down to four and I think one of them was just stopping by to drink coffee and shoot the shit. There was  a lot more meandering and a lot less shouting than last time. The cause was certainly dead. La Raza was dead in it’s tracks.

Emilio pointed out a circle of misfits not far from where we stood, slowly congregating to form a pack of resistance against ‘the man’. They appeared to be a rag tag group of older folks, possible revolutionists from years gone by, gathering here now to form an alliance of strength, a force to be reckoned with. Emilio dubbed them, Eagle Force Five (even though there were seven in the group)!

A weighty man with thinning hair began to bark out some chant in hope of support and encouragement from those near by. He apparently believed everyone down there was as enthusiastic as he about this protest. What erupted were murmers and half thought out quips from the encircled would-be heroes. No one around this warren of anti-Wall Streeters gave a shit what this guy had to say and it was clear  they didn’t intend to join in or support this pudgy anarchist in any way. That awkward silence filled the air which made it even more of a challenge for the squad  I now came to call Eagle Force Five. Another member of their posse carried a sign that read “War Profits Equal Crimes Against Humanity”. What the fuck was that about? War Crimes? I thought they were talking about jobs and making bankers and large corporations pay for their atrocities. I’m sure if I were to venture into their Circle of Justice they would have connected the dots for me and shown how War Profits somehow bailed out the banking institution but I wasn’t about to go in there. Not this stoned, I’d never get out without losing my mind.

Emilio and I continued watching this satirical group of  aged infants while others there were bedded down for the evening or browsing over by the newly formed cantina. The cantina they had before was better equipped and constructed fairly well but that was before the police came and tore the structure down. This new food dispensary seemed thrown together and looked like a lot of fodder spread about for anyone to walk over and grab. I couldn’t imagine anything too edible, probably some nuts and grains, water, the basics.

Soon I spied a new group forming next to us. This circle was larger than Eagle Force Five. They had at least nine in their group and they were sending off messengers to other parts of the park where you could see other concealed tribes lurking about with whispered words of chaos. These pudgy foot soldiers from the new group made little haste in relaying the order to different circles of people in the park to come, merge with their group; Eagle Force Five had to be overthrown!


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