Ding Dong the Witch is Dead for Now

Well the news came over the wire that Ghadafi (or Gaddafi or the half a dozen other ways we spelled it) bit the big one, killed actually from a fatal blow, but dead  nonetheless. Cheers went up throughout the world as the guy responsible for so much destruction and terror for decades is defunct. If your life were a movie one might imagine that this would be the part at the end of the flick when the happy ending comes to fruition and the star gets the girl. What we seem to be experiencing instead is some horror show excerpt when the naive teenagers let their guard down.

Media banter has set the wheels of diverse thought in play by presenting a barrage of words and images to further distract and befuddle you. I talked with someone yesterday who doesn’t trust the stories about Osama being a deep sea worm feast and wonders if the U.S. might be involved in some coverup of his death. How long can it take before suppositions and doubt arise concerning Ghadafi’s demise. Really? A coverup involving hiding Osama or Ghadafi? We’re talking about the Administration that allowed that stalker couple (Tareq and Michelle Salahi) to crash a 2009 State dinner. Slipped right by Secret Service. Do they really have the knowhow to pull off a coverup? I’m sure the Obama Administration would fall victim to some boner hiccup in a plan of that magnitutde. It would be much easier to just kill the leaders and get it over with. I think it’s safe to say Osama and Moammar are dead.

Now if you do believe those two are dead you’re safe, right? Wrong. Certain Political strategists are working hard to discredit anyone associated with our current Administration. Sound bites and video clips show the likes of John McCain practically choking on his tongue not wanting to admit that his arch nemesis, a.k.a. Barack Obama, was our Leader in Charge and aided in the destruction of the now dead Libyan leader.  How quickly they scurry to spread dissention throughout the U.S. to make us feel unsafe in this world. They want to keep the fear alive, keep you believing in the inadequacies of our Commander in Chief and armed forces, which kind of works against the high they get supporting our troops.

This does not help the Republican’s jaunt to swing the pendulum back their way. It seems to have deflated the anticipated throw down between two African American candidates. Everyone got ready for the Rumble in the Jungle but first, the Republicans have to deal with this hard blow to their midsection. How do they discredit these achievements made fighting global terror without looking hypocritical? It’s a long arduous path but they won’t be foiled that easy. They’ll bide their time and as long as Herman Cain doesn’t do anything stupid, he will remain a presidential hopeful. A new face may get discovered or invented as backup, one with the intelligence and finesse to steal the lead from Cain but….do you really think they have the knowhow to find or make someone like that?

So keep on scaring us, you political monsters, it is the season for scary things. Haunt us some more with these tales of deception and conspiracy, I love a good scare. Just remember to wrap it up by October thirty  first because not long after, Thanksgiving will be here. I for one would like something to be thankful for this year.


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