Who Wrote the EBook of Love

“The book of love has music in it
In fact that’s where music comes from
Some of it is just transcendental
Some of it is just really dumb”

-Peter Gabriel “Book of Love”

 An entire new era of romance and relationships is making it’s way worldwide and I for one don’t know whether to feel sorry for the present generation or hopeful. In years gone by we could rely on the advice of an older sibling, a good friend or possibly (if it didn’t get too freaky) a parent or pastor-strike that last one, pastors have a warped sense of reality, they can’t help it. Being thrown between the sheets with God does something to the psyche.

But enough of that, back to my point. In years gone by we could rely on the experience and conversation with someone to fill in the gaps when it came to courting or romance. The basics could be covered in groups or one on one and eventually people got together. Things seemed to have worked out for the most part. Long past are those days now because Christian singles dances are pretty much dried up. Local malt shop or pinball/video arcade are rotting in some abandoned strip mall somewhere and love has become an electronic interloper on the world wide web. This holds both good points and bad points as far as meeting that special someone. Pre-computer era socializing typically involved going somewhere to hang out and with a lot of luck you could stumble upon someone that took your breath away that flt the same way about you. Teens still do hang out but on a much smaller scale. What used to be a three to four nights a week out social calendar has trimmed down considerably. Most are staying in touch through their favorite social media format like Facebook or instant messaging one another; too busy to get out, too much to do.  The convenience of staying in touch via phones and Ipads is astounding but lacks the true punch of ‘being there’.

Just like Alfred Nobel and Dr. Victor Frankenstein, the inception of computer socializing took a life of it’s own and the monster(s) created is slowly altering our reality. Is this change for the better or for the worse? I can’t decide as the results aren’t all in yet. Relationships can develop faster but are they better? Pro point; you can meet someone in your neighborhood that you may not have known existed. Networking is great way to discover people. Bad point; the person you meet online may not be the same person you meet in person. Every freak, alcoholic, pervert, criminal, deviant, Glen Close psycho is out there and most of them have a computer. The one thing that regulates their personality to you is…themselves. Young twenty eight year old brunette hottie can suddenly acquire ten years and fifty pounds. Man in his early twenties looking for a LTR (long term relationship)  may actually be  more like in his forties and five inches shorter and fifty pounds heavier than he said he was. There is nothing better than meeting someone in person to give you a dose of reality. From the word go you begin to see where things stand.

Then there’s the sour side of online romance. Society is developing a herd of laziness out there and people no longer feel they have to work that hard to attract a mate. The posting below was taken from an online ad from a female  wanting to met a guy:

Sassy, curvy & funny! – 30
So anyone wanna actually do something sometime or is this just pointless???
Ok so here’s some shit about me you might wanna know lol!

* I’m a smoker
* I will likely hit you in your junk if your rude to me
* I will likely kiss your junk when I’m done because I don’t know my own strength sometimes WOOOPS lol
* I have a small mouth don’t kiss my entire face please
* Don’t eat all of my lays potato chips those are for me and my dog and if you do can you please eat them one at a time it’s weird how you guys can shove 10 chips in your mouth at once lol
* I love to cook and to be cooked for!
* I love to laugh and make you laugh!
* I love animals you must love mine! My dog’s name is Mike and if you care you’ll reference him in your email to me! lol
* I like milk ALLOT but never drink it when it’s in the fridge, still trying to figure that one out!
* I also love cheese and will eat it all before you get a chance too lol seriously!
* I love my back to be tickled but not my sides, don’t touch me on my sides that’s all I will say it’s ugly.
* DO NOT EVER TRY TO TICKLE MY FEET you will lose your teeth and or the ability to have children!
* I don’t like to be wrong, disagree with me in a way that makes me sound right lol!
* I’m Italian and German I can be mean if you say something stupid, you must have common since and morals
* I like to be spanked when I’m bad and when I’m good lol
* I do not want to spank you lol
* I don’t drink or go to bars

So that’s all I can think of for now, if your interested shoot me a message with a pic k! pic for pic!
I’d put up a pic but i keep getting flagged! ( annoying !!!!!!!!!)!\ And please 25-35 ages only! I love a cute white boy that’s funny and sweet at the same time!
Nice, eh? Just the kind of girl every guy is looking for. Granted quite a few guys may actually overlook the illiteracy but all these rules and regulations she’s laying out on top of the various benefits she has, like eating a bunch of cheese, drinks milk (but not when it’s in the fridge), wants to punch your testicles, then kiss them, insists you love her animal before meeting the mangy mother fucker(I mean the pet is the mangy mother fucker, not her)? I was too kind to post her picture but I don’t feel most people would consider her a raving beauty; more Rubenesque mixed with a hint of fetal alcohol syndrome. It’s like they’ve given up on themselves and they wonder why they’re getting no replies to their ad-but they are getting replies, that’s the scary thing. Why? Because neither men or women are actually getting out and meeting one another in a social surrounding. There are no limits behind a keyboard, you’re as free as a bird to type whatever you feel. The artifice of language and prose no longer play into the factor when you can contact a mate while sitting at the computer in your underwear eating a hot pocket.

Then comes the real horror show; online visual sideshows. There is more porn out there than you can possibly imagine in all shapes, sizes and deviations. This self feeding initiative has spawned a rapid fix shock to the brain while defaming both genders. What’s the newest craze, what’s the newest visual out there to sexually stimulate someone? Whatever it is, no matter how insensitive, no matter how outlandish, it’s out there with photos an possibly video. Look at what’s happening from Japan with the popularity of ‘sharking’ sites. This humiliating practice is spreading into the laptops of young men throughout the world and what kind of a lesson is that? Will this make out and out attacking of women an acceptable behavior?

I won’t end by saying the computer age is the downfall of our nations, I’m not wise enough to envision the end result. Possibly we may be going through a growth period and need to get it all out of our system before coming full circle. I do worry though. The personna one can adopt online may soon become the personna they adapt to and then the Book of Love won’t be the only thing changing.


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