Back in the Land of the Political Zombies – part Final

“Hey Johnny, what’re ya rebelling against?”

“What’ya got?”

-Marlon Brando as Johnny Strabler from The Wild One 1953

 Eduardo seems to be amused with standing in the street antagonizing cars that drive by so I go talk to some of the straggling zombies left out there after the night’s raid by Denver police. I can’t imagine the scene was too crazy earlier because I don’t see the amount of refuse and strange puddles of liquids (blood? vomit?) typically associated with a good old fashioned, no holds barred riot. I’m sure there was a disturbance; nothing too heart stopping. Given time this movement may grow into something other than a home away from home for the homeless. After chatting with a few of the political heads down there it’s evident that the earlier evening scourge of Denver’s finest left most Occupy Denver strategists with their tails between their legs or running back to some busy intersection to pick up a cardboard sign.

Eduardo is stone pissing mad that we arrived too late to interject some potential whip-ass on a cop or two but eventually I get him turned around and heading back for his buick. We were really surprised that it didn’t get impounded or broken into as the suction cup pipe and a collection of beer and whiskey and Cuerrvo bottles covered the interior of his car. He grabbed a quick drink from the Cuervo then filled up the pipe again and headed back toward my side of town. I wasn’t too worried, I’ve had him drive me in worse condition so as he cruised back along Colfax I pondered the disappointment I felt seeing the aftermath of the demonstration but not because the cops had ripped it all apart; movements are meant to start slow and build up. Before protesters can really be taken serious they have to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous sarcasm from every political affiliation out there who thinks they know better than them. Political unrest needs to stew a while, there needs to be a few heads cracked open, a litany of jokes on the Tonight Show, maybe even someone dead in the street before matters get serious and people turn their head to notice. The most successful revolutions are not won be mere words and posters folks. It takes blood, sweat and tears and I don’t mean the music group.

One last word of advice for the protestors; get your ducks in a row. No one will follow a cause that is ripe in the bowels of ambiguity. You need to come up with a game plan, a suggestive course of action. From all the individuals I spoke with on three occasions all I gathered were grunts and moans about how we’ve all been getting fucked over by large corporations and banks. Okay. So what do you suggest we do to stop the fornication? Simply taxing the wealthy is not going to put jobs back in America. Making banks pay for their dirty deeds will not create more revenue stream from the pockets of the average citizen. Until you come up with a viable plan there is no strength to back up your protest. Develop a sound strategy to help this country out and I promise you, I will bring Eduardo back out there and unleash the beast.


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