In the Name of our Lord of the Flies

Marguerite Perrin, self-proclaimed God Warrior

“Scary monsters,

Super creeps.

Keep me running,

running scared…”

David Bowie “Scary Monsters”

 I made reference in an earlier post to this religious, my God is better than your god argument and thought I could lay it to rest. After rereading the post I determined that I wasn’t quite to the point on the issue or maybe the message wasn’t quite emphatic enough. Covert Christians throughout the world, I say this unto thee; shut the fuck up!

 No one cares that you’re a God Warrior or that God is your co-pilot except you and the countless lemmings that have to huddle with one another to feel comfortable about their belief. If I had to go around building my beliefs based on how many people around me believed the same thing I would be worshiping one strange behemoth gargoyle that pulled the legs off anyone that didn’t praise and cherish him twenty four seven. It would be like worshiping that little boy with all the powers Billy Mumy portrayed in that episode of Twilight Zone. The concept of a superior being that keeps you in a constant realm of fear is like the boogeyman. You can’t see him, you know he’s out there and if you’re not careful he’ll get you.

 The tribe mentality is the really dangerous thing here. I keep thinking about those creepy toe head kids from “Village of the Damned” and their powers to bind with one another. Religious cults of any persuasion have a way of banding together to drive out the disbelievers, some more blatant, some more subdued. If these supposed Christians were subjected on a daily basis to a group of their friends praising Allah to their face and telling everyone how great Allah is, or perhaps pasting bumper stickers on their car that say ‘Vishnu is my co-pilot’  they might see it from my perspective. Maybe.

 This recent surge of holier-than-thouness reminds me of my time in the service during basic training. I sat at a table one day next to this hulking recruit out of Oklahoma who was going on about how he could stand just about anything but would not tolerate anyone taking the Lord’s name in Vain. I asked him what he meant by that and he told me taking the Lord’s name in vain meant saying G-D (he was too afraid to say God Damn). So here this big-ass Oakie stood ready to kill anyone who uttered two words; doesn’t that in some way remind you of the same raging fear that won’t allow Muslims to create portrayals of Muhhamad? If you wish to live the rigid life of a Mennonite so be it, that’s your prerogative but isn’t religious freedom one of the reasons this country was founded? Weren’t we supposed to be accepting of one another?

 This gang-style mentality of throwing your colors out will have some wicked fallout in years to come. The only one who really cares about your devotion and relationship with God is you and God. It’s a personal thing and waving it to the public is like being gay and going into vivid verbal descriptions of your sex life; no one wants to hear that shit so hang it up.

 Twenty some years ago I asked a very learned Lutheran pastor what he thought the best thing a person could take from the Bible was. He told me he believed the one thing that would save humankind was love and I think he hit it right on the head. Love one another, love your god, but don’t test me.


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