Healthcare in America at the End of a Pipe

I went down to the gangsta streets of Colfax Avenue that stretch the expanse of Aurora and Denver Colorado with a plethora of drug dealers, prostitutes, vatos and general misfits of society. I remember moving out here some years ago and looking for a place to live a block off Colfax. I timed it just right and was lucky enough to witness a teenaged girl, handcuffed in the back of a squad car. The back window was down to give her some air and the officer in charge was at least a half block from the car searching the ground for tossed paraphernalia. Once the policeman was far enough from the car the girl wasted no time to seize the moment and jump, handcuffed mind you, through the open window and sprint away from the cop who tried to catch her but realized after a half block or so that he had lost his prisoner and a pair of hand cuffs.

This is Colfax.

The reason I was down here on this colorful strip of Americana was to purchase myself some marijuana. Here in Colorado it has become an easy process. It involves being seen by a physician (provided and residing at the clinic/dispensary most the time) and paying your license fee. It’s a rather easy process, much easier than making a phone call to some dealer you know, waiting until they call you back and say it’s okay to come get some (which usually entails 4 hours of pacing the floor wondering if they’re going to call you back). No, this is pretty fucking easy; you go in, show your license, tell them what and how much you want, pay your money and go. No one wanting you to stay a while and smoke a bowl with them, no feeling bad that you aren’t spending enough time with this person and making them feel like the only reason you see them is for the dope.  This is a cut and dry business folks.

The reason why I buy myself pot? Well everyone has their reasons and mine stems from the need to medicate myself from excruciating migraines. I can get rid of a migraine pretty fast with a pipeful of ‘brain damage’ or ‘purple thunder’- and of course most dispensaries have an on-staff medical specialist there to describe the strength of your ‘medicine’. Seriously, it’s hilarious. You can go up to the counter and say “I want something that will fuck me out of my mind til next Tuesday” and the medical specialist will smile and suggest a specific ‘medicine’ for you. I actually told  the specialist that I wanted something so mild that it wouldn’t cause me to cough blood all over my dashboard when I smoke it driving down the highway. Her suggested strain of weed was particularly nice and did go down smooth.

The opposition to this relaxed state law in Colorado want to bark out to the general public and warn them that this law allowing the sale and distribution of medical marijuana is the first step to it becoming totally legal in this state; they feel the laws are a sham and just allow anyone to get a license regardless of whether they are really sick and need the ‘treatment’ or not. That could very well be so let the masses speak and let’s get on with legalization. Everyone was so afraid that once they loosened the laws here we would have rampant crime in the streets, children smoking bongs on their way to school, massive car wrecks piled up on the interstate. None of this has happened. The biggest change I’ve seen since the laws came into play are an increase in the amount of billboards for clinics ( a real mind twister to see billboards with huge pot leaves on them)and a good amount of tax dollars added to the revenue stream in this state. The reason I ended up on Colfax is for convenience sake only. I live in the heart of that craziness so I figured I might as well support the local vendors-plus if I buy enough from them over a period of time, I get a free bonus one eighth of a gram. great marketing campaign. No, the sordid streets of Colfax are not the only place you can cop some green. I drove up into the mountains, to the quaint little town of Idaho Springs, a real mom and pop tourist resort to see nature at it’s finest in the Rockies; they have a dispensary there. I don’t even have to mention Boulder, that place is screaming with’em.

Place an eye on Colorado America. Watch the tax dollars come rolling in from the sale of ganja. I know it won’t solve all out nation’s financial problems but I do feel the time is right to open up the door to the sale of marijuana on a controlled basis to the adult population. We’re still alive out here, haven’t killed everyone in a pot-raged frenzy, all is pretty safe. By the way, that girl who fled from the cop? All that took place years before the relaxed marijuana laws so don’t even go there.


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