Into the Nest of the Political Zombies

“He’s as blind as he can be,

Just sees what he wants to see

Nowhere Man can you see me at all

– The Beatles “Nowhere Man”

  September 13 it was reported Mayor Bloomberg said that people are focusing too much on the causes of the financial crisis and that we need to be nicer to the banking industry so that it starts lending again. Demonstrators in various states throughout the U.S. and many cities throughout the world are protesting the banking and loan industries who they feel have led us to our current financial demise. After having run the night with salvia and Modello my friends and I raced back into civilization leaving the wilds of eastern Aurora for the nightlife scene of Denver.I have a slight allergy to beer so the best way for me to combat that is to take some antihistamines. Beer and antihistamines are not a recommended mxture by most people’s standards but they seem to hold my attention.

 Our pursuit led us to the west edge of the Capital where a strip of green lawn housed a variety of tents, people waving signs and general carnival-like antics at the curb. The night was young and I had other places to go that night but promised myself I’d get back to speak with some of these creatures that stood out from the typical stride of pedestrians like a group of slow moving zombies.

 The following week I went back in the evening and parked the car downtown. I headed over to the protester’s encampment lair and noticed that creeping feeling again that I was entering a nest of zombies-political zombies. They have been camping along the western fringe of the State Capital for over thirteen days now and I can only speculate they have become a tribe of brethren and sisteren that are in for the long haul. Protestors that reminded me of those from the days of Watergate (somewhat) stretched out along that expanse of sidewalk complete with a cantina, sign carriers, a bench that seemed to be designated for women on cell phones only, singers, and of course, me.

 I went up to a man and a woman who were holding banners curbside and picked their brain to find out what they were protesting, how things were going and generally trying to find out what the buzz was. The man started telling me how the evil banking institutions throughout the world are killing off the little man. He told me how people all over were sick of the banks and Wall Street getting away from the confinements of law unlike him or me.  Something needs to be about these Fatcats and it has to be now!

  Well I thought this guy and his group of zombies had some pretty valid complaints but I believe a couple of changes in the game play would help their cause immensely. First, they need to come up with a better, more clear-cut plan to solve the grievances they have against this banking enemy. The curb guy and his female partner kept describing to me the problems that had arisen from a result of what the banks have done to us, yet never told me what they wanted done about it.  They wanted to point the finger at the problem, but never revealed their problem solver. Problem two is you need some young blood out there. The youth of tomorrow have the faculties within them to stand the arduous stretch of time, but do they have the conviction to do something about it? Right now the civics lesson being taught on the street is at conflict within America’s society. Half are for, half are opposed. I can state which side I believe is right and which is wrong, but every one of us has that ability. This batch of  modern day Hoffmans may pull it off and actually get our congress and lawmakers to look at their grievances but it will take more than what they currently have out there pandering for an audience. Just as the technology of present helped the campaign efforts to elect our current president these group should be organizing via social media outlets, venture into reaching the masses on that level. Very few people are on the street down there like I was, face to face with you. The youth of today is hooked up to society through a G4 phone and an Ipad. To get lawmakers to take you serious, the roar of the masses has to be pretty fucking loud. It may very well be for real living souls to hit the streets and cause a civil unrest but the you have to reach the masses to get an effective sized cut of society to create a change. The more people you have listening to a valid plan to fix these evils, the more support you will reap. Regulations can be enacted. Punishments can be distributed but what people really want and need right this instant, is a solution. It doesn’t have to be the perfect solution, it just needs to get something in the works because this back and forth monkey war between our elected officials isn’t getting anything done. If we could just get a few tasks done we might have a chance. Just like in the movies, the zombies best strength is in numbers.


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