An Homage to Jobs


“And when I die,

and when I’m gone

There’ll be, one child born In this world

To carry on, to carry on”

-Blood, Sweat and Tears  “And When I Die”

There will be ample time for me to continue my adventure from the previous post (see Out of My mind on Saturday Night) but I felt the need to pause and pay tribute to a great American who recently passed away. Steve Jobs was just one year older than me and a multi-million times richer yet cancer took him in the end. With all his wealth, power and intuitive approach to problem solving he couldn’t lick that nasty bugger. I am not a Mac user; I do own an Ipod, no need for an Iphone but I would love to noodle around on an IPad. It doesn’t matter whether you feel Apple or PC is the best computer (that argument is kind of like the Ford vs. Chevy debate from years gone by) what you should look at and admire from this man is the accomplishments he made in his life time. An entrepreneur, co-founder, chairman and Ceo of Apple, Chief Exec  for Pixar Studios, founder of NeXt Computer, helped revolutionize the way our world communicates, and I could go on. He was like a modern day Edison, plopping ideas and inventions out left and right almost too fast for society to keep up with. He had his controversial side but was not afraid to re-evaluate a problem and try to fix it. It is our great loss and the world has paused to mourn his passing. He will be missed.

I do hope that Jobs becomes the inspiration for a new generation of inventors and creators throughout our country because we are in dire need of a kick in the ass. Where’s my flying car? What happened to the idea of space mining for fuel or cold fusion? Are we simply going to throw our hands in the air and say it can’t be done? The concept of the fax machine was scoffed at for years until someone invented it. Home computers were supposed to be impractical because scientists couldn’t fathom a desktop sized model yet now we have them in our phones. So what’s holding us back?  A whole lot of shit.

For one thing school systems have decided that having a class to teach a kid how to keep his notebook in order is more important than extended math and science curricula. Granted, if a student is falling behind in school and seems to be losing assignments, maybe organizational skills need to be taught but not every hard wired brain out there fires the same. I’ve worked for truly gifted individuals that sat behind the sloppiest desk alive; half eaten sandwiches buried under stacks of work orders, yet if you asked them for a specific document they could rummage through their trash and pull it out and they performed their job brilliantly. Let students show you their personal talents and give them room to develop skills that they seem to excel with. You would hate to hold back tomorrow’s invention because some kid couldn’t get the hang of keeping a clean binder.

Another problem we seem to have in this country deals with our political status; I won’t take much time to go into that right now as I could write another 2,000 words minimum on that subject. I do feel we need to quit holding each other back and encourage anyone and everyone to come up with some creative solutions to our nations problems. Foreign countries are beginning to kick our technological ass and soon we will be nothing but a nation of merchants and bankers. China is wiping the floor with us because we get so hung up on which side of the political fence our ideology sets. Europe continues to bring about new developments in the medical world while America idly sits by waiting for a job. We have so much money being funneled into wars right now that we can’t afford to give support to laboratories. We’re too busy bailing out crooked banking institutions to waste time on technological advancements.

In closing all I want to say is, Steve Jobs, we miss you and I want my fucking flying, American-made, American created car.


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