Out of My Mind on Saturday Night

 “Out of my mind on Saturday night,

1970 rolling in sight

radio burnin’ up above

beautiful baby, feed my love”

-the Stooges “1970”

 I swore to myself after a nightmarish encounter (many, many years ago) from a head full of angel dust that I would never venture that far into the Crazy again; anyone who’s taken three or more hits of blotter acid at once will be familiar with that realm. It’s a scary place filled with all sorts of nasty thoughts and images. Angel dust really brings out the worst of them all, thoughts and images both. As the animal tranquilizer started wearing off and I found myself   in a pizza parlor enjoying some tunes that a friend of mine was playing. I swore off the Crazy then and there and promised never to go back there.

I find myself now on the outskirts of the Crazy, getting ready to jump across the line to see if it’s still as nasty as I remembered. I have been in search of the America I saw beginning to formulate long ago, an America that left hope and opportunity open for us all. Instead we seem to have ventured into a pit of monotonous Hell where all the inhabitants suffer a slow death. Baby steps I tell myself, don’t jump directly into the Crazy, dabble your feet around to see how cold it is. splash some up on your chest but Jesus, don’t jump in all at once or you may not make it back.

Part of this urge took hold when given the opportunity to smoke a huge quantity of  salvia and venture out onto the great open spaces of eastern Aurora, Colorado in search of a purported haunted house. I ventured off with two cohorts and we soon found ourselves wandering around some area marked NO TRESPASSING; Seemed like the perfect location for a haunted house. The salvia hit the youngest of our group the strongest but before long we were all sane enough to witness a UFO somewhere in the distance out by the Rockies…more on this later.

So what drove me out to the edge of town with a headful of some hallucenogenic herb? I think it was when I started dwelling too hard on the comments various people were making on  a popular social media website. Comments kept popping up like ‘repost this if you believe in Jesus’ and ‘I believe in Jesus and am not afraid to admit it….I wonder how many of you have the nerve to post this..”

Damn, I guess all those good manners we were taught as children about not discussing religion in a social gathering are now moot. I don’t understand why because I now see the firsthand ramifications from doing so. Okay, I get it. You love Jesus. Good news. Here’s a gold star. I think what some of these people fail to stop and recognize is the alienation they instill upon those they are trying to reach with this message of accomplishment. Think of it this way; instead of using the word ‘God’ or ‘Jesus’ in those sentences, substitute the name…Bob (no offense meant to Bobs everywhere, the name just came to me. I cold have used Stan, but I know a Stan and he’s a touchy mother fucker). So now what if you were to go to your favorite social website and kept seeing all these postings by your good friends telling you how great ‘Bob’ was and they love ‘Bob’ and you should be a good friend of ‘Bob’. Pretty soon you’d begin to think you’re a real dick compared to Bob. No one really gives a shit about you but they sure think ‘Bob’ is great because all they want to do is talk to you about ‘Bob’.

Maybe people would rather spend time with an ethereal entity than you or me. As for me, my spiritual side is personal. I don’t need to wave my belief in anyone’s face because faith is based off non scientific data, it’s all up to you whether you want to accept it or not. If a person’s faith is so tender that they have to keep it on display to others to convince themselves that they are right then I don’t consider that having much trust in your maker’s existence. It’s not just one religion either, there are zealots in every denomination. Shit look at some of the Islamic extremists. Those nutsacks don’t want to just shout you down, they want to cut your fucking head off. Reminds me of tales from the Spanish Inquistion.

Fear not folks, I will continue with the story where I and my two companions leave the field and UFO behind to venture into the heart of town for a bit of political rumblings at my state capital’s doorstep.


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