What a Long Strange Trip It’s Been…..

…Probably one of the most poignant lines written, so fitting to so many of us out there in the Americas. I have tried for years, no, decades, to keep my wits about me and live the dream, walk the walk, do what I was told, but it just never set into a complete life for me. Now more than ever I see the streets filling with a bureaucratic poison that wants to erode the common (or not-so-common) man away leaving us with an army of automatons. Who out there can stop the scourge, who is willing to defy ‘the man’? Sure as fuck ain’t me but I will personally strive to report my eye witness to the raping of this country and just maybe, just maybe, some young enthusiastic young Republican will come around to bring the masses in revolt. Time will tell if it’s too late or not. There was a time when the youth of America took to the streets and would not let the corrupt continue without a fight. Some will sit and thumb their noses at the protestors of the 60’s and 70’s but lest they forget, things did get done. Very little was swept under the carpet because Joe Congressman was being watched by those meddling kids and their stoner friends. I marched in a variety of protests, everything from the war (which by that time the Vietnam War was pretty much on its way out but it still let Nixon know he couldn’t fall back on that one) to fair wages for lettuce pickers to freedom of speech in my own high school. When most kids today are shown footage of rallies or protest marches, every editor seems to focus in on the nice little car wrecks; blacks getting blasted by water hoses, blacks getting attacked by dogs, some stringy haired kids walking by that by today’s standard look pretty comical. What they can’t show you in those clips is the fear they placed in our politicians. Protestors throughout the U.S. held no fear against tear gas or clubbings, they kept coming back for more. Arrests were made, threats were issued but you didn’t see them streaming home to watch American Idol or off to text how offended they were, then crawl back into their dwelling. I think it’s time to get a head full of your favorite drug and start marching the streets once again folks. Teach your children well or someone else will.
What a sneaky plan of attack they set up. We Americans now seem to be lashing out at one another. We draw political and religious lines and insist everyone stand on our side or suffer isolation. With technology happening at the speed of light you would think that opportunities would arise and problems would be solved through mass communication and cooperation yet what has happened is very weird. Rather than utilizing the advanced media of the internet for mutual collaboration we seem to be harboring this great power to show one another video footage of a monkey picking his ass and smelling it. Now I’ll be the first to admit the monkey is funny but can’t we mix a little constructive in with the absurd? Must we be diminished to a mere ‘Jane likes this’ tagline that shows a thumbs up icon on some Facebook page? Why don’t they put the tagline ‘Jane thinks this is pure shit’ and show a little icon of a steamy pile? What about ‘Jane finds no tangible source of documentation to back this statement up whatsoever’?
Ben Franklin was quoted as saying “It is the first responsibility of every citizen to question authority.” Right now Authority has the upper hand and won’t allow for anyone to question it but if this nation gets the pendulum swinging again, we might be able to get Truth and Justice back in the states. Maybe.


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